Apologies for my frustration on that last anon Ask. I’m burnt out on tumblr’s attitudes, childishness, and drama lately and I guess that little thing set me off. I turned off anon Asks again. I’m sorry to those that send me such lovely Anon Asks. But, I want tumblr to be enjoyable again for myself and my followers. I’m not here to debate most things, I’m here to share photos of my dogs and their life. Whether or not you agree with how they are raised is completely up to you and if you don’t like it or like seeing them you can unfollow and it won’t hurt our feelings. We don’t want you to be uncomfortable either.

Thanks for sticking around (those that do), we’ll be back to mostly photo posts & woof life updates soon, and Asks usually won’t be published publicly unless it’s a commonly asked question, or I need follower input.

"Let’s smile and move on!" says Luka!