The world was never perfect in the first place

When I was born into this world,
I did not know anything about life.

As I grew up, my parents have showed the beauty of the world
and nature and life

They had painted pictures in my head
that this world is such a perfect place to live.

I was born into a family
where religion was the most important thing in the house

And how “God” will guide me in my current life.
And how I should listen to His “wise” words

And to not “disobey” the Almighty.

But that soon changed when I reached high school;
I started hearing people cuss
when I had never heard one before in my life.

  I started to see two girls kissing in the hallways
  loving and embracing like any other couples.

  I started to see boys
  smacking girls’ butt
  just because they find it “sexy”

  I started to experience how hard
  life is as a teenager;



   Breasts started to grow bigger

But the worst thing
that ever happened to me
was that I myself started to question my religion

And my sexuality.

And my parents said: “being gay is a sin. They go to hell and they are                                                      a disease”

  “They are not normal” they said with disgust plastered on their face.

             So, I listened to my parents again
             and brushed off
             all of the things that were going through my head.

I soon saw news on TV
about young girls being sold.

I saw news on TV about a group of men
gang raped a young woman
walking home after a long hour of work.

I saw how people discriminate others
just because they were “different”
and how they did not “fit” in “society’s standards”

I saw soldiers on TV bravely fighting for their country
after for so many years.

I saw young people
as young as 12
being forced into army

I saw a group of people
marching on the streets
for rights to get married for the one they love

            But it gets worse.

    Ever since I moved to my birth country, Malaysia,
      I started to question
      about life.

      About religion

                   About everything

      About me.


  And why “God”
  the “merciful”
  the “Guide”

  Had put me here
  away from my friends.

 It got worse.

 I questioned my sexuality again.

 I saw heart breaking news that
 a plane, filled with innocent civilians,
 was missing.

  And just recently.

 Just a few hours
 before I woke up

  I saw pictures of a plane
  all broken and burnt

  Some people say that a missile shot them down

  Others say it was just a mere accident.

  And another news
  that shattered my heart

  Was that Gaza was invaded
  by Israel

       Why must we live in a world
       where being “different”
       is looked down upon?

       Why must we live in a world
       where our parents
       cannot accept our sexuality?
       Just because they “believe”
           that it is a sin?

      Why must we live in a world
      where hate
      is powerful and love is a sin?

      Why must we live in a world
      where there are so many religions
      that tell us to do something we don’t agree?

      Why must we
      as a human
      hurt each other is so many ways
                       just because of our “differences”?

            At the end of the day
            the world was never a perfect place
            as my parents painted,

      The perfect world is just an illusion.

My thoughts are with all those aboard flight MH17 and their families. It is a shame that these innocent people may have become victims due to a war they have no part in. A terrible reminder of how lucky me and many others are to live in a nation where we aren’t facing threats on our life everyday. Never take life for granted, for you never know how short it will be. None of these people deserved this, and especially so soon after the disappearance of MH370 that crippled the families of so many throughout the world. These were people’s children, parents, uncles, aunts, and friends. What a world we live in. Humans killing humans to make a point.

The most likely theory is that it is down there in the southern Indian Ocean. And if it is there I am almost certain it will never be found. The current there is the worst in the world, the weather there is the worst in the world and the sea floor there is less well-known than the surface of the Moon. It is the most remote part of this planet.
—  Nigel Cawthorne on the missing flight MH370
Things to remember/consider re #QZ8501

1. There is a lot of unverified information being spread like wildfire. Stay skeptical and wait for verified evidence.

2. Regarding the supposed wreckage at Belitung Island: after MH370 there were plenty of “eyewitness” reports of plane wreckage and debris found at random parts of the world. All of them were proven false. Until we have verified evidence let’s not jump to conclusions that a plane actually did crash there let alone QZ8501.

3. If working on whereismh370 has taught me anything it’s that the mainstream media can be just as bad, if not worse, than social media in spreading unverified rumours. Fact-check, follow their sources, and notice any discrepancies between headlines and content (which happens a lot).

4. If the report is “unconfirmed” or “unverified” then take it with a HUGE grain of salt. Mainstream media is quick to jump on “unconfirmed” news as “breaking” news, so be careful.

5. AirAsia is a Malaysia-owned company, but it has nothing much to do with Malaysia Airlines. They have a lot of subsidaries around the region, including Indonesia, which is why some people are referring to QZ8501 as an Indonesian-owned plane.

6. The passenger manifest was officially released to Twitter by the Indonesian Communications Ministry. There may have been earlier “leaks”, and the ethics of the Ministry releasing the names now is up for debate, but it’s not necessarily an “irresponsible leak”.

7. Asides from AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines both being based in the same country, you should not try to draw any sort of connections or inferences between QZ8501, MH370, and MH17. One was the work of militants and was not anything Malaysia could have done anyway. This one seems likely to be weather-related. There’s nothing inherent to Malaysia that causes planes to go down, especially since both airlines have had stellar safety records.

8. QZ8501 did not disappear in the same space as MH370. So cut it out with the Bermuda Triangle comments already.

9. Don’t immediately assume terrorism or Government coverup. Planes crash for all sorts of reasons.

10. I have already seen people of the witchy-woo bent either trying to blame the missing planes on some kind of Law of Attraction fuckery (e.g. finding Instagram photos of passengers talking about being nervous about the flight and accusing them of attracting the accident) or meaning well and talking about “harmonic convergences” or “we will see aliens now!” or some shit. This is deeply offensive. I really hope I do not have to explain why.

11. There are a couple of photos of a young man working at Changi Airport holding up a sign for QZ8501 shared by news agencies online. For the love of God please do not turn him into some kind of #AlexFromTarget meme! I am already losing faith in the Internet’s ability to be sensitive, and I totally won’t be surprised if this guy ends up being memefied anyway, but still.

12. Re “Oh good, no one from my country is on the flight!”: Dual citizens, permanent residents, temporary visas, and refugees exist. Information about their residency status can be hard to find immediately sometimes (e.g. if I was on that flight I don’t think it would have been immediately obvious to anyone that despite my Malaysian passport I am an Australian PR and am currently based in the US). Also, they’re people. I understand the instinct to look out for your own, but their lives are still important regardless of where they are from.

13. Plenty of planes have disappeared without a trace!


MH370: Six months on, how are Chinese families coping?

Six months after Malaysia Airlines Flight ‪#‎MH370‬ with 239 mostly Chinese people on board went missing on March 8, how are the‪#‎Chinese‬ families dealing with the tragedy?

Here is a collection of their stories with seven families from different cities in ‪#‎China‬ talking about their hopes, expectations and sufferings.

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2014 wasn’t exactly the greatest year for our beloved Malaysia. In fact, even though we had our share of proud moments, 2014 still hit us pretty hard. But nevertheless, Malaysians still looked past their petty differences and kept their spirits strong to overcome the tragedies that occurred the past year. As we welcome the new year, let’s hope for a brighter future filled with sweet memories. Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Photos by Yonex USAFoto PeneranganAhmad ShukriMalaysia.myFandy AzlanRakyat PostNew Straits Time, & Wazari.

“At times like this, shoulders to lean on, arms around one another, hands to hold to are all that we need. Everything else can wait.

We should be reminded to appreciate the people around us, our parents, family members, friends and foes, colleagues, neighbours and even the makcik who sells kuih by the roadside from whom we always get our evening pisang goreng. Acknowledge their existence, a simple salam or hello, show them that we care, give them a helping hand, a kind act, we might be the sunshine that they need for that particular day.

Caring about others, showing compassion and leaving an impact on people bring happiness to both the giver and receiver." 

- How Grief Brings Us Together by Dyana Sofya

One year on and we hold them dearly to our hearts. May we find the strength as we grieve for our fellow Malaysians. Al-Fatihah.

Hearing about a plane crash makes me so upset. It’s one thing for a mechanical failure, but it’s absolutely demonic when it’s caused by another human. As someone who flies a lot, and has family members who fly a lot it’s really unsettling to say the least. Praying for all the passengers, crew, and the relatives of the passengers on board. What a fucked up world we live in.