Mix Match bag from MH WAY designed by Makio Hasuike

"Shoulder bag with two elastic bands as feature of limpet locking. Possibility to personalize bag by switching the color of shoulder strap and elastic bands with 5 other color combinations. The material of the body is lightweight, flexible, elastic, soft, waterproof and eco-friendly. Mix Match is fully recyclable and 100% Made in Italy. Mix Match is equipped with two hooks that allow the transformation from a bag into a backpack."

MH WAY products are the result of design that carefully interprets the latest contemporary tastes and functional needs; they stand out for their identity, which is forceful and discreet at the same time. They are advanced, intelligent and surprising, with an appeal based on design, lightness, functional quality and a unique talent for transformation.

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I don’t like my legs at all. Especially my knees, they are so boney and stick out too much its gross but I absolutely adore wearing Knee highs and thigh high socks. You can never have too many pairs haha. They kinda make me feel better about my legs anyway. 😊


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

How about some hype train/teasing with the MH4U Collector’s Edition unboxing?


anonymous asked:

Good lord, the whole SH fandom has gone to hell in a hand basket. Is it confirmed that Ichabbie will have a kiss or is it just speculation based off Tom's comments? I'm two seconds away from having a fangirl freakout if it's the former

Lol No there isn’t a confirmed kiss happening. But I feel like its closer than we think…

Daenerys Stormborn

of House Targaryen,

First of her name,

The Unburnt,

Queen of Meereen,

Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men,

Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea,

Breaker of Chains,

and Mother of Dragons.

Okay but as much as we joke about Jay’s general incompetence, it’s really important to remember just what he’s up against. Sure, he doesn’t make the best of decisions sometimes, but he’s just one human facing something that’s entirely beyond a human capacity to deal with. Going back to that house three times may not have been the best of decisions, right? Well… what else could he have done? That house was his only lead. It was that or just wait in his apartment for a mysterious masked guy to show up again. And I think that kind of says something about his resolve and who he is as a person that he never allowed himself to just give up and accept whatever happened to him. He never stopped fighting.