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Monster Hunter 4G

The gorgeous intro video for MH4G!

anonymous said:

Shelley making a dramatic soap opera entrance with the Miss America walk and the confused look glued to her face pretty much sums up her entire Teen Wolf career.

got these two for $10 each from a lovely person on kijiji who didn’t mind shipping them to me! (always check the listings for areas other than yours, folks) Deuce has some small staining from his glasses on his cheekbones but I’m gonna try to get it off later tonight.

if they’re missing anything let me know ! i think theyre complete but i haven’t really seen these two for a long time so i can’t tell.

Well, its official I’ve started collecting MH dolls. I’ve been fighting it for way too long. They’re too cute not to sit on my shelves! I bought Scaritage Skelita, Creepateria Howleen, and Frights Camera Action Honey over the past two days. I’m hooked!

anonymous said:

I've always said that Stiles and Malia look alike. One day there will be a reveal that they're twin cousins and it will be all kinds of awkward. I guess that would be one way to get me to watch Season 5.

anonymous said:

I've always thought maybe I would enjoy Malia more if someone else played her. I really dislike Shelley, I hated her on Days of our Lives and she was my least favorite on Secret Circle. Her acting leaves a lot to be desired and I see zero chemistry between her and Dylan.


~ Project Mega Potion ~ (WIP)

My Monster Hunter inspired designs of the different creatures of Monster Hunter. Different Monsters from different types of the series. Always fun to design some when I feel inspired… Don’t know which else to make but I’ll come up with something eventually.

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