These opening and closing scenes are two of the most brilliantly written scenes in Gone Girl, at least to me. I really like the idea of these scenes. I think the main idea of starting and ending the film with these scenes is to show us how different Amy Dunne is, how extreme her change is, or I should say; how her husband and all the things happening throughout the whole movie can change her tremendously. We can see in the opening scene, just like how Gillian Flynn describes it, that Amy is giving a look of alarm. That probably means that Amy is under her husband’s control, that Amy might be frightened of her husband because her husband uses her for some inappropriate purposes which makes Amy sees her husband as some kind of threat.

Then look at the closing scene where Amy gives a very different facial expression and movement compared with what she gives in the opening scene. She gives her husband a haunting smile, which means that she has changed into a kind of psychotic woman who is now no longer under her husband’s control, in fact she is the one who’s controlling. She might be a threat for her husband now, and that happens because of her husband himself, because of what he did and has done to his wife, because he didn’t treat his wife well. In other words, he has created himself a villainous wife.