This Is My Brother Marc McFly, he has been there for me throughout this roller coaster ride we call the “Music Game”. He is a Genius, he Raps, Produces, Engineers,he created the #MGFHC Logo and we come up with Music Video Treatments that I can’t wait to see. His Solo Project “I’m On My Way” will hands down be my Favorite Album this Year. 

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Here’s the teaser of my short film entitled “l o s t.” directed by the great Tu Do featuring my wonderful leading lady, Sandy Beach.

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marc mcfly - gone directed by tu do.

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l o s t.

i enjoy the idea of transformation. i really like the direction i’ve been going into with being more personal in songs. it’s wild to look back to how things were and what actually stressed me out back then to now where it kind of feels alright to know that i’ve moved on (to bigger headaches) but with added opportunities that i didn’t have a year ago soothes the pain. i enjoy the sound design of it all….it feels so…organic. to actually ignore the rules for once and just connect with your friends and do what you feel is right is rather empowering. the whole idea of “i’m on my way” is growth. a personal diary entry of my life. not to only change physically but to change in all known forms, most importantly to change in a good way. i believe in taking a lot of time with this project and the fact that it’s taking longer than expected is a blessing in disguise. everything in itself is a process. the marc who started the idea in late 2011 isn’t the same person who is writing this right now. i may not be able to speak on the struggles of people who have it WAY harder than i could ever dream of but i hope that whoever listens can relate in some aspect for it is based solely on my journey not to basically move to a different city but to grow as a human-being. that has always been the direction for this project. i cherish the people i’ve met along the way who have joined me in this life experiment and i hope that we can continue on and create a time capsule to look back on when life is sweeter.
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Marc McFly ‘s short film teaser

Directed by Tu Do 

Musical score by Bright Justin 

featuring Sandy.