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For someone that claims to care bout people of color issues and social justice don't you think it is hypocritical of you to be so obsessed with Spanish (WHITE) soccer?



So, I recently hit 1000 followers, which is pretty weird amazing because I’ve only had this blog for a little over two months and, let’s be honest, MY BLOG’S A MESS. But anyway, I thought I would make a follow forever to celebrate. :)

I only follow 27 blogs (oops), so here they are, in alphabetical order~

aloopdaloop  bevlykatz  captainschweini   cristianoronldo danielcarvajals davidluiz fernando-torres-sanz   festivenando  fyeahreal iker-is-everything ikerscasillas  illarras

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thosecurlssss wehaveacastlealso


megustaelfutbol, you can’t be a RM and not follow this blog. RM bible. I’m bowing down. If your team’s fandom doesn’t have its own MGEF, it kinda sucks to be you. madridistaforever I LOVE YOU. I love talking to you, about htgawm and about anything. Your blog is amazing, you’re amazing <3 festivenando YOU ARE HILARIOUS. great blog, great edits, A+ my fellow Canadian :) ikerscasillas I love your textposts and your blog in general and you’re great to talk to :) cristianoronldo YOU FLAWLESS. I adore talking to you, your opinions are A+++ you’re just amazing <3 iker-is-everything YOU’RE SUCH A SWEETHEART TBH. mesutings <3 thanks for always listening to me cry about law school and LIVERPOOL. your’re great <3 thiagoavlis t’es cool, t’es drôle, lots of love!! <3 mylifeneymar10 you always support the things I post, no matter how stupid they are, and you’re super sweet :) merryluizmas I’M SORRY AGAIN. BEST DAVID LUIZ BLOG. you’re the first friend I made in this fandom and I love love you <3

there is more I could say about you all but I need to leave the house really soon :( mwah <3