SCANDAL; “GW…” blogpost by RINA☆

“To be relaxing like this, it’s the first time for me during GW (Japan’s Golden Week)◎ It’s great once in a while~“

“Today, I went to the nail parlour and hair salon. Because I found some flowers that were cute the other time✴︎ I had it painted on for me. Tomorrow, arrangements will once again be made, in preparation for the continuation of the world tour. Another 7 performances to go.”

Talk about daddy issues! Now that Olivia (Kerry Washington) has Rowan’s (Joe Morton) B613 lackey Russell (Brian White) in her clutches, she’ll look to Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) to do her dirty work—you know, because torturing someone and getting blood all over her beige coat would not be okay with Olivia Pope. How far is she willing to go to finally take down B613 and daddy dearest? Check out a sneak peek of this week’s Scandal: