Drink To That | Theoria

Astoria had spent the entire afternoon working on homework, and after writing three papers, she was more than a little excited when she found a bottle of firewhiskey in her room. She didn’t drink much, but she definitely wasn’t one of those people who were strongly against it, either. As long as she did it in moderation, she felt like it was perfectly acceptable. Besides, as often as she took potions, firewhiskey didn’t seem like it was much worse. She still had to do her rounds, though, so she tucked the bottle deep inside one of her robe pockets as she walked around the castle. Luckily, aside from a few students she caught wandering in the corridors, she didn’t run into too many other problems. The last thing she wanted was something to delay her from getting to her room by the Quidditch Pitch, where she had agreed to meet Theo.

When her rounds were finished, she quickly made her way out of the castle. It wasn’t until then that she realized just how long it had been since she went outside by herself. That was something she used to do all the time, but she hadn’t done it in weeks. Being alone in the quiet darkness was something she had always found to be rather peaceful. Although, most girls tended to find it scary for reasons she couldn’t fully understand. After making it to the stain-glass window, she pushed it open and stepped inside. The first thing she noticed, was that the desk seemed to have moved over a bit. She always made a habit of double and triple checking where everything was. That way, if someone else had found out about her secret spot, she would know about it before she got caught in there herself.

At first, she considered leaving. If someone had been there, it could’ve been a professor and being caught after curfew with a bottle of firewhiskey was not high on her to-do list. However, she knew that, that was Theo was coming, so she couldn’t very well leave and have him show up to an empty room. Instead, she blew off the thought, before casting a silencing charm in the room, and a locking charm on the window. When Theo showed up, he would have to knock, but at least she wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else sneaking up on her.