"It's okay, Haru. They'll find you.." 
"They're probably looking for you right now."
"They have to be.."

At the age of ten, Haru's parents, eager treasure hunters, took him with them on an adventure, insisting he have the same future as them. Their trip led out at sea, but took a turn when a storm hit, swallowing their ship whole. Haru was the only survivor, having drifted away from his parents' drowning forms on a plank, hand outstretched, screaming. Two days passed in a daze, blue leading him to the place in which he'd spend his next years; a deserted island.

Adapting to the wilderness didn't take long and as years passed by, Haru had learned the ways of the island. He could swim, catch fish, build decent shelters, climb trees, craft weapons. Everything he needed to survive. The only exception being company. This wasn't necessarily something crucial, but the loneliness slowly ate at him, driving him to the brink of insanity. In his mind, he created characters, friends and family, young and old. They lived on the island with him, filling the extra shelters he'd built, but never filling the emptiness in his heart. But despite this, Haru kept on living, in hope that one day he'd finally be saved. In hope that one day, he wouldn't be alone anymore.

Three-dimensional map of a rotavirus | ZEISS Microscopy

This image shows a three-dimensional reconstruction of a rotavirus at a magnification of about 50,000. Rotavirus infects humans as well as other animals and causes severe diarrhea in infants and young children. There are very few fatalities in the United States and other places where a vaccine is available, but elsewhere, the virus is responsible for more than 450,000 deaths each year. Image courtesy of the National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California. 


Do to one my postings going ape shit and finding out that everybody loves sunfish (molas) I have a ton of new followers so I figured it would be a good time to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a grad student at CSU Northridge getting my MS in Biology and I am an underwater selfie king.  The school is super awesome, the weather in valley, eh, but i get to spend my summers living on an island studying cool things so its worth it.  I am interested in fisheries research, mostly behavior of aggregating target fishes and big apex things. So with that being said I studying the reproductive behaviors of GIANT SEA BASS. If you don’t know what one looks like, CLICK THIS LINK. They are a beautiful fish, that is part of a now collapsed fishery, which left them endangered. 

(isn’t she pretty?!?)

I am interested in how they do it and what it takes for them to want to do it aka foreplay or courting. With this I hope to be able to answer some questions about their recovery, such as how long will it actually take for their populations to recover; will they actually recover; how many times does a GSB spawn in a day. Hopefully within the next year I will be able to answer those questions and let you guys know all about it. 

I am also a founding member of the GIANT SEA BASS COLLECTIVE, which is a joint project between CSUN and UCSB dedicated to identifying aggregation sites for GSB to aid in their recovery.

If you have any questions about fish, fish sex, big fish, small fish, fish food or anything you can think of that is fish related I will do my best to answer it.   I will also answer questions about internships, school, grad school, being a marine researcher etc. Here are some questions I’ve answered in the past, maybe you have the same question.

There’s a little bit about me and here is the first GSB gif the internet had ever seen (i believe) made by me, in June.



anonymous said:

What movie and web series were you in and what roles did you have?

I was a featured extra in a movie called “Hide Away” and I can’t say anything about the web series sorry. But, I’ve played  Pinocchio in Pinnochio, Frenchie in Grease, The Baroness in Sound of Music, David in Newsies, Tin Man in Wizard of Oz, Beezus Quimby in Ramona Quimby, Bagheera in the Jungle Book, a fairy in Peter Pan, I’m currently Hermia in A Midsummers Night Dream, I’ve been in 6 random school plays and 2 other random “mash” shows. I’ve also done a lot of commercial work and such. Yeah. (thats 18 plays in 17 years omfg)

My more popular trolls

Zerina Amidoz

age: 12 sweeps
blood: indigo
lusus: Sharkdog, dead
Info: She’s finally overcome her drugs and bad self esteem. Shes even worked on her stutter! She now getting the spot light in plays and musicals shes been participating in. She used to just sit in her hive, reading, and drinking drugged tea. So much progress has come for her.
Red: Taken by Procil, Powertrolls fantroll
Pale: empty
Black: empty
Ashen: empty
quadrant tip: She is quite a mother hen, so if anyone needs help in the pale area she is on her way. One might say shes a pale whore.

Breeju Forbes
age: 18 sweeps
blood: Olive
lusus: a giant two headed coo, a special type of cow
info: A nice gal with a thick Scottish accent. Doesn’t like to talk much and due to a recent incident at work a bit more untrusting of highbloods. She is a no nonsense when working and gets it done before doing what she pleases. Quite strong just for an Olive blood, can lift a tree if she needs to. Hopefully you don’t get intimated by her size and muscles or how much she doesn’t talk.
Red: taken by Sarfia, Kindredgentility fantroll
pale: empty
black: Empty
ashen: empty
Quadrant tip: She does like competition if it does arise. Anyone that can be her equal has a good chance of taking black.

Age: 9 sweeps
blood: Jade
Lusus: Large komodo Dragon
Info: Once a feral cannibal that could hardly even speak. Now with the help of her mate she is learning how to speak more articulate and some simple knowledge of regular troll life. Doesn’t stop her from hunting trolls and eating them. Still acts quite feral at times. Even to the point of just some grunts if she doesnt want to talk. Happy and touchy. Just make sure she’s eaten first before trying to interact if she doesnt know you. Will try to eat you.
Red: taken by Balder, Zomblys fantroll
pale: Empty
Black: empty
Ashen: Empty
Quadrant tip: wait until shes ready for something other than just a matesprit

Kaijaa Oxiorr
Age:10 sweeps
Blood: Indigo
Lusus: a Manticore, stuffed in one of his rooms
Info: A sophisticated troll. Never really liked subjuggulatators and their ways. He usually spends his time with his moirial, playing video games or hunting. He doesn’t eat what he hunts, though sometimes depending on what he did get he might just cook it for him and his moirail. Kaijaa has a complicated relationship with a human he met that keeps pestering him. Is a hemoist. Cold and mean.
Red: interested in a certain mutant. Wont admit it. Drake, Zomblys human
pale: taken by my own troll, Zurain
Black: Empty
Quadrant tip: If you’re looking for Black, maybe you should consider challenging him to things he likes. Such as games, hunting or fighting.

Opasan Palick
age: 13 sweeps
Blood: Navy
Lusus: a mutated giant scorpioncockroach
Info: Raising five indigo bloods with her matesprit. She is a loving troll but make one wrong step and she will be all over your ass. That isn’t pretty either. She is a chemist that works with plenty of radiation. Has a separate place just for her lab away from her hive just to ensure if anything happens it wont hurt her little ones. Easy going and is fine with mutant.
Red: Taken by Ajreda, zomblys troll
Pale: taken by Rozano,
Black: Empty
Quadrant tip: If you’re not having a safe black or red or even pale call for Opasan, she will be sure to be a good ashen partner to make sure nothing happens.

Luca Damaini
Age: 20 years old
Parent: Raised by his father, mother dead
Info: A zoologist in study. Has a fondness of owls and plenty of Arial creatures and even other sort of creatures. Interested in alternias weird creatures a lot. A tall sweetie, when flustered he cant even articulate his words correctly or look at what he got flustered at or by whom. Likes to read, interested in history actually.
Has a cute olive blood for his boyfriend. Siraya, aspectrumoflosers fantroll

Museia Trebel
Age: 10 sweeps
Blood: Violet blood
Lusus: Vampire squid
Info: A pretty dickish character. Has sensitive eyes so he hides them behind his sunglasses. Terrible insomnia where he just gives up trying to sleep and waits till he falls unconcious. Only then will he get 3 to 4 hours at most for sleeping. Hums without even knowing and has a wonderful singing voice. Will only smile for you if youre in his quadrants. Not good at talking out his feelings but hes working on with with his new moirail.
Red: Empty
Pale: Taken by Nikola, aspectrumoflosers fantroll
Black: Empty
Ashen: Empty
Quadrant tip: Dont even try for red. You’ll just be setting yourself up for Rejection by him. is a bottom shh

Avamax Ltolie
Age: 8.5 sweeps
blood: Fushia blood
Lusus: Axolotl
Info: A heiress that gave up being an heir and wanting to learn more about normal troll life. A sheltered troll by her lusus and finally allowed to go out and do what she please thankfully. A friendly gal, optimistic and ready to have fun. Does have a bit of hemoist nature in her but mostly the ignorant sort ‘Wow! Its fantastic a lowblood like you could do something like that!’. Wants to have a lot of friends.
Red: empty
Pale: Empty
Ashen: Empty
Quadrant tip: Try taking an interest in what she likes to do, doesnt understand a lot of romantic things but does like the gesture sort of. 

Iepura Lepuri
Age: 13 sweeps
Blood: Jade -Rainbow drinker status now-
Lusus: A large Rabbit
Info: Raising three trolls with his matesprit. They got drunk and on drugs at the same time and stole from the caverns. Three.Different.Times. His favorite of the three is Lambie. He is a crude and rude guy that mostly looks after himself and somehow ended up in a relationship with some younger navy blood that is just raving about him like some fanboy. Sells a lot of drugs and used to do them a whole bunch but thankfully has cut back and now mostly does weed. Sassy and makes a lot of sarcastic dry comments
Red: Taken by Oxorin
Pale: empty
Black: Empty
Ashen: Empty
Quadrant tip: Try blackmailing him if youre interested in black, he respects people that will do whatever just to get what they want. Seeing as he does it too. 

Poffin Sukker
Age: 7 sweeps
Blood: Violet
Lusus: Clownfish
Info: Not interested in hurting trolls by being a subjuggulator, Thee instead decide to make everyone Laugh and smile. Likes to clown around and use any joke Them can that isnt offensive to make someones day brighter. Or just being nice to make them happy. However, if someone just like Them doing what they do, that will not be a good thing for them. Poffin will be conflicted, about whether to eliminate them like the voices tell Them or just try to ignore them hoping that they will soon leave. The voices usually only get to Their attention when insecurities start manifesting.
Red:later in the future when they’re grown its taken by Pennie, zomblys troll
Pale: empty
Black: Empty
Ashen: empty
Quadrant tip: If looking for black good luck. You will need to do certain things just to even be considered for black.

Sikopa Basici
Age: 10 sweeps
Blood: Teal 
Lusus: A dead fox
Info: Just a creepy boy dressed in a feminine nurses outfit. He really likes feeling pretty. He isn’t the best nurse though. Mostly drains others of their blood, steals their eyes, organs or arms. Might even sell a few if he decides he wants the money. Will be manipulative if he can. Loves torturing others…asides from his quadmates mostly. Slighty hemoist but not really.
Red: sort of has a harem of like four trolls really, all of them zomblys 
Pale: empty
Black: empty
Ashen: empty
Quadrant tip: if youre looking for black, not hard to do, insult him, try to make him think that he isnt good enough. He does have a ego. Be smart when insulting him. You may just end up dead.