I Was Confused

(Cullen x Trevelyan)

(Prompt: Cullen thinks quizy and Dorian are together as they spend so much time with each other, the flirts go over his head until he is told Dorian prefers men and cue hope, and fluffiness when he understands the flirts.)

He could barely think over the sound of metal clashing around him.

Luckily, he preferred it that way.

Especially lately.

He didn’t much care for his thoughts recently, seeing as they were often centered on one particular person that he had no business focusing on.  Alys.  She had been a constant niggling in his head since almost the first moment he had seen her, wide eyed and terrified looking, outside the ruins of the Temple of Sacred Ashes.  He had been impressed in those first few minutes by her determination to help close the rifts, later, after she had joined the Inquisition, he had moved from impressed to fascinated.

It had quickly tumbled into smitten by the time they made it to Skyhold, and he was still mentally kicking himself for letting it get so far.

Not that he would ever do anything about it.  He had no desire to embarrass himself, and there was no other way admitting to his feelings could end.

Which made it even sadder, in his opinion, that he couldn’t keep her off his mind.

“Are you alright, Commander?”

The question nearly had him jumping out of his skin, and he glanced to his side to see the current object of his thoughts staring at him with curious green eyes.

“I-I’m, um, I’m fine, Inquisitor.  Just… Thinking of what needs to be done today.”  He silently cursed himself for the stutter, and prayed to the Maker he wouldn’t start blushing when a quick smile crossed her face.

“I hope there isn’t too much.  I was looking forward to seeing you at dinner since you worked through it last night.”

He gave a vague shrug, not really hearing her since he was still mentally berating himself. Managing to get himself under control he focused back on her, trying to keep his smile from looking forced.  “Was there something you needed?”

She blinked then brought a hand up to tug at the end of her braid as she looked away.  “No, sorry.  I didn’t mean to bother you, I just thought I would say hello while I was waiting on Dorian.”

He just barely stopped himself from gritting his teeth at the mention of the Tevinter mage.  Of course she was waiting for Dorian.  Of course she was.

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