Lonely - Yamato Kougami

I’m so bad at making titles. ;-; but this is my first writing post on tumblr so I hope you enjoy it~
Damn it. Why does work have to pile up so quickly?

I rushed home to the apartment Pouty and I live together. As I enter the elevator, I check looked at my watch to see what time it was. 


She must be asleep now.

I can’t help but to feel a little bit lonely inside. It’s been a while since we spent some time together. I miss her being in my arms as I hug her like there is no tomorrow. As I thought about it more, I realized something.

Pouty…You must feel lonely these several days too, huh? I’m sorry. I really am.

I opened the door quietly, making sure not to wake her up. As I turn on the lights and walk to the kitchen table, I see a bowl of miso soup on the kitchen table along with a note.

I swear I am probably the luckiest man alive to have her, I thought to myself as soon as I saw that.

As I microwave the miso soup, I then remember that the note that went along with it on the table so I picked it up and read it.

“Eat up~ :3”

I can’t help but to chuckle to myself at how simple she is, but her simpleness is only one of the many reason I grew to love her and I never want to be apart from her. After I finish eating, I walk into the bedroom she was sleeping in. I swear she’s adorable when she’s sleeping and I could watch her forever like this. I couldn’t help myself but to poke at her cheeks after seeing her in this state.

“It’s squishy like warabi mochi” I said as I chuckle to myself.

“There you go again”

I widen my eyes as I was surprised that she was awake.

“You were awake this whole time?”

“No” she said as she sat up. “I just felt someone poking at my cheeks”

“Well I couldn’t help myself. You know how much I love warabi mochi.”

“Yeah I know. Probably because of the many times you have said that to me.” She chuckles.

“But do you know what? I love you even more and I have missed you so much these couple of days. ” I said and then I kissed her.

“I missed you too, Yamato. I have missed you so much too.” And she kissed me back.