• Marceline:most likely to cheat if she feels unloved in her relationship
  • Ashley:most likely to forgive someone she loves
  • Salem:most likely to never give a straight answer
  • Lyric:most likely to lie straight to your face and never feel sorry

Cuz I’m all about the ‘stache, ‘bout the ‘stache, no stubble! Who’s coming to the #MFHC social tonight with @hugeredchops + @alchantal and I?!

Marceline has issues with keeping a stable relationship because she had her heart broken by the first man that she ever loved when she was fifteen.
—  Marceline Headcanon

Might not look like much now but when the Good Luck Bad Luck vid drops this will be one of the hardest parts #MFHC

When she was fourteen, Marceline tried to kill herself. She had too much stress on her plate between school and family drama. She still has the scars from where she slit her wrists.
—  Marceline Headcanon

Shooting a music vid with @randyfrykas and some of the baddest guys around. #MFHC

So, this guy i’ve been dating for a month asked me to be his girlfriend but in the cutest way possible!! (for me lol), the bolded words are songs or lyrics of Daft Punk !!!!!! I didn’t felt this happy in a loooong time !