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I look at The Longest Journey as a three-part structure, where you have the opening which is sort of naive… actually the comparison I’ve used is April in the first one is the young inexperienced Frodo, you know? In the second she is more the Aragorn type character and… I’m not going to say more than that, but it does change. The game also matures, I think the first one was lighter. Like you said, it was happier. Although it had an ending that was ambiguous and that probably sent her down the path where she is today, and that’s what we want to do to the characters. We want to change them, we want to change the worlds, and hopefully we’ll get to make the third chapter of the saga and if we get to do that you’ll see that it’s going to be completely different from the mood of Dreamfall.
—  Ragnar Tornquist in a 2006 interview following release of Dreamfall
INTERVIEW / 141004 Hallyu Pia

★ What is the reason that made you decide to participate in IRIS 2.
The first part was an excellent drama that received a lot of popularity. I also kept up with the drama and thought this was a good opportunity.

★ There were a lot of action scenes so you would have prepared for it; were there any special training you undertook or advice from the seniors?
I attended action school, practiced and also listened to advice. In particular, I was given advice most by Jang Hyuk sunbaenim.

★ What advice did you receive?
It’s hard to explain it in details through words… Jang Hyuk sunbaenim is an excellent action actor. Since he’s one, he taught me the know-hows in detail and it helped a lot.

★ It would have been some help having Lee Joon appear (on the show) with you. What do you talk about on set?
We talk about CD, albums and personal stuff. We are around the same age. Lee Joon hyung is a little older but we are close. We talk about going to eat – those ordinary stuff.

★ You have a judo scene with Lee Dahae-ssi. Your opponent is a woman so I’m sure there are some things you were wary about. How was it?
If I couldn’t control my strength properly, she could have gotten hurt but Dahae-ssi matched (my strength) well so we were able to finish it without any accidents.

★ According to Dahae-ssi, Doojoon-ssi’s thighs are sturdy. What kind of exercise do you do?
I like soccer.

★ Ah a sport that works on your thighs.
Yes, it seems like it (laughs).

★ Do you do anything else apart from that?
Lately, I’ve been boxing too. Mostly soccer and boxing.

IRIS 2 is generally a serious drama, what about the atmosphere on set?
Enjoyable. Jang Hyuk sunbaenim loves to joke around so there are a lot of jokes but sometimes the atmosphere falls flat (on his jokes) too (laughs). There are many junior actors in the drama so the sunbaes lead us.

Seems like filming the action scenes would be difficult. Was there any episode was that extremely difficult for you?
It would be the filming in Cambodia. I filmed with Lee Bumsoo-ssi but the weather was extremely hot that it was difficult. In additional, Bumsoo-ssi had a huge injury so I was really worried.

Shooting overseas is difficult. If there was a best scene you could choose?
A best scene that I would choose? Although every scene is impressive, I think of the scene where Jang Hyuk sunbaenim acted as Yoogun in Japan. Ah, this is the appreciation of a viewer (laughs).

What about a scene that you yourself appear in?
Talking about the scenes I appear in… I keep a close eye on the scenes I appear in. But I’m not able to speak objectively about the scenes I appear in.

If there’s a ‘best scene’ there would also be a ‘legendary scipt/line’. What would it be?
The line that I remember the most would be the Korean words Yoogun said to Ray after speaking in English -“I’ll kill you.” It was really suave. There was an impact too.

You’re a singer and an actor so what do you think of the proportion of activities you’re doing for both? Please tell us which you would concentrate on, being an actor or being a singer.
Because my career as a singer is longer and the breadth and region of activities is wider, my main activity is as a singer. Speaking of acting, it hasn’t been long since I started so I’m really still inexperienced and I need to learn much more.

Are you thinking of continuing to act.
If there are opportunities.

I will anticipate that. Hearing about your appearance in IRIS 2 what did the BEAST members say?
Because they all watch the first part, they were happy and shocked. They also encouraged me.

Lastly, a word to the viewers.
Although it looks like a serious themed drama, there are a lot of things to see so I think you’ll fall for (the drama). Please watch it till the end.

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"Two years into Xi Jinping’s tenure as China’s president, many analysts consider him to be the most powerful leader since Deng Xiaoping, the man who oversaw China’s opening to the world and its market-oriented policies after the chaos of the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution. Roderick MacFarquhar, a scholar of elite Communist Party politics at Harvard University, goes one step further. Mr. Xi, he says, is the most powerful Chinese leader since Chairman Mao Zedong, the “Great Helmsman” who declared the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949 and was worshiped almost as a god by millions of fanatical Red Guards.

Yet for all of Mr. Xi’s personal power, his campaign against corruption is fraught with danger, putting at risk the future of the Communist Party he is determined to save, Professor MacFarquhar said in a recent talk at the University of Hong Kong. In an interview, he explained why.”

For more, see Michael Forsythe, “Q. and A.:” Roderick MacFarquhar on Xi Jinping’s High-Risk Campaign to Save the Communist Party,” The New York Times (30 Jan 2015)

Image credit: Lan Hongguang/Xinhua, via Associated Press

I want to support young girls who are in their 20s now and tell them: You’re not just imagining things. It’s tough. Everything that a guy says once, you have to say five times.
—  Björk
[Women] are the people I want to talk about, they’re the people I want to protect, they’re the people I want to put in my movies and see fail or win. As a writer, as a human being, and as a young man, it’s easier for me to express my anger, to ask questions, to seek answers, to talk, to cry as a woman in a movie. I connect with those figures more than I connect with men. Men are born privileged in the scale of things - I’m generalizing, but it’s true. Women have to define themselves in the eyes of men. They have to fight for their rights, especially in a society that will pretend that there is no fight or no battle, that it’s a cliche, that feminists are reactionary, all these things. As a young man who struggled to find his identity and to find his place, I relate to that quest for belonging in society. With mothers, especially, with their flaws, the way they have made huge sacrifices in order to be good moms or just moms. They probably sacrificed a part of their career, they sacrificed some desires, some dreams. I cannot relate, but I love to talk about it.
—  Xavier Dolan for Interview Magazine