I will never get used to Jem Carstairs. He is sweet and kind and loving and obviously caring but he seems so unrealistic. It puts me off because I’m so used to guys being more like Will, although he is also not realistic. Jem reminds me of Sebastian when he was playing Sebastian Verlac: all nice and happy smiles but hiding something and dark. I’ve no idea why. But I mean honestly Simon is my favorite because Simon but you know Jace and also Will and Jace and Will and Simon ok bye

both me and  kimochi-desu (my side blog) are tagged by nonsexualurl thank you <33

Name: Hanna

Nickname: Hanna, alpaca

Birthday: February 19th

Sexuality: straight i guess

Height: 5’3 feet

Time Zone: GMT+7

What time & date it is there: 8:50 PM, 27th August 2014

What time & date it would be in Antarctica: idk???

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 7-8 hours

RL OTP: mexme

Other OTPs: MExME lmao

The last thing I Google’d was: dangan ronpa

My most used phrase/s: what the fujk

First word that comes to mind: nah, bruh, wHAT

What I last said to a family member: no

One place that makes me happy and why: my bedroom bc i’m alone and no one bother me

How many blankets I sleep under: just one~

Favorite beverage: milk

The last movie I watched in the cinemas was: Deliver us from devil

Three things I can’t live without: anime, meme, food

Something I plan on learning: Germany

A piece of advice for all my followers: don’t unfollow me bc i’ll remember you when i’m being the ruler of hell you’re perfect just the way you are, i love you guys <33

My blog/s: hantrovert is my personal blog /mainly about animes/ and kimochi-desu is my anime blog /you can say i have 2 anime blogs lol/

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