hopefulhybrid asked:

She came shuffling in, eyes flitting around the room. "I tried to sleep, but- How do you stop the noise? Ever since I became a vampire, everything is so loud."

               Leaning back in his chair as he considered how to best answer Hope’s
                             question, Klaus laced his hands together. “You can’t ever stop
                             it, per say. It’s much like & your mother or Uncle, Aunt or I
                             reprimanded you or denied your request to go somewhere or
                             advised you in handling certain situations.. whatever the case
                             was, what we had to say was n o t what you wished to hear.
                             So you merely tuned us out, correct? It’s like that only it takes
                             far more fine tuning. You’ll catch the hang of it one day, love.
                             I promise.”