Healthy and Low Carb Stuffed Peppers

My Arizona upbringing has taught me to love 3 things: excruciatingly hot weather, perfect desert sunsets, and Mexican food. The last one is my kryptonite, and there is almost nothing I love more than a cheesy green chile smothered burrito with a side of corn tortilla chips and salsa. Unfortunately, his meal is also probably a large contribution to my post-high school weight gain, so here we are. Trying to find a healthy alternative to foods that are just meant to be unhealthy. I am always trying to make healthier Mexican foods, and this is one of my favorites. Bell peppers stuffed with all my favorites in a burrito, but in a much healthier (and less greasy) shell.

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Mexican twist with this weeks recipe, packed full of protein and slow release carbs to keep energy levels high.

The pork takes a bit of time to cook in the oven. But its a perfect dish to prep, leave to cook over the day and then bring all together for a great dinner. However can be subbed for an alternative.

Prep Time - 30-60+mins (Pork slow roasted 5-6 hours)

INGREDIENTS - Serves 3-4 

2-3 Wholemeal tortilla wraps /person
1 medium pork shoulder joint
3tbsp sea salt
3tbsp muscovado sugar
3tbsp smoked paprika
100g grated cheese

1 onion
1 small chilli - diced
chopped corriander

6 chopped tomatoes
1 shallot
1tsp tabasco
1tsp worcestershire sauce
A pinch of salt
A pinch of sugar


- Preheat the oven to 220℃/Gas mark 7
-Put Pork shoulder into a roasting dish. Mix the salt, sugar, paprika and pepper, rub half the mix onto the pork and place in the oven for 20mins.
-Reduce the temperature to 125℃/Gas mark 2 and cook for 5-6 hours followed by a further 20minutes at 220℃. Then allow to rest for 60 minutes.
-Pull the meat off the bone using two forks and mix with remaining seasoning. Mix garnish ingredients.
-Add generous amounts of pulled pork to each tortilla wrap with as much cheese and garnish as required. Roll up/fold place under a hot grill untill warmed.
-Mix the salsa ingredients and serve with the quesadillas with a nice crunchy green salad.


PORK - Rich in magnesium, which helps keep muscles strong

TOMATOES - Help with metabolism of amino acids, aiding muscle repair after a work out and packed pull of healthy vitamins.

SHALLOTS - High in manganese and quercetin, helping fight inflammation and protect bones and skin.

WHOLEMEAL TORTILLA - Low GI providing long lasting slow release carbohydrate keeping you feeling fuller and energised for longer.

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I take issue with the post saying that "I'm not Mexican" shouldn't be the first thing coming out of my mouth. Identity is extremely important and I will not sacrifice it.

Look, you’re misunderstanding the post.

If someone insults you by comparing you to a Mexican, and you respond by saying that you aren’t Mexican, that implies that whatever negative thing that is being implied about Mexicans is true about Mexicans, but not true about you, a non-Mexican. Essentially, you are defending yourself by saying that you aren’t a part of the group that is lazy/dirty/lesser. Mexicans are not lazy/dirty/lesser/whatever other insult and distancing yourself from us before defending our humanity is not solidarity.


Make Me Choose: Anonymous asked El Cadejo or La Llorona

"The Land was old and the stories were older. Just like a country changed its name, so did the name of their legends change. Once, La Llorona may have been Matlaciuatle, the Goddess of the Mexica who was said to prey upon men like a vampire! Or she might have been Ciuapiplitin, the Goddess in flowing robes who stole babies from their cradles and left in their place an obsidian blade, or Cihuacoatl, the patron of women who died in childbirth, who all wailed and wept and moaned in the night air. These women who descended to earth on certain days which were dedicated to them to appear at crossroads, and they were fatal to children." — So Far From God, Ana Castillo