Homemade shells are a serious taco night upgrade. But who wants to stand over a hot vat of splattering oil to make them? Good news: You don’t have to. In this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips, F&W Test Kitchen taco tamer Justin Chapple reveals how to turn soft tortillas into crispy shells in the oven. It’s an easy, quick way to make a big batch of incredibly crunchy hard taco shells in one go.

Siempre quise un novia bien mexicana. Que le gusta bailar, escuchar corridos, banda, y norteñas. Que cuando salgamos se ponga bien guapa con sus tacones y su vestido mientras tanto yo con mi camisa de cruz y mis botas. Y mas que nada que seamos felices con que tengamos uno al otro. Y pues que tal ya la encontré 💘 #Pisa #Relationship #Goals #CowboyBoots #ATodaMadre

                                     Not everyone is a stereotype.

every Spanish speaking person has illegally migrated from Mexico.

Not every African American is a thug.

Not every person with dreadlocks smokes weed.

Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic.

Not everyone who is American is racist.

Not everyone who is from the Middle East is a terrorist.

Not everyone who is overweight is obese.

Not everyone who is thin is anorexic.

Not everyone who is a police officer is bad.

Not everyone from Asia eats dogs.

Not everyone who is German is a Nazi.

Not everyone is gay/lesbian.

                                     Not everyone is a stereotype.

Reminder that Cinco de Mayo isn’t actually a national Mexican holiday. it is a holiday that is only celebrated in Puebla and it commemorates Mexican armies fighting off the invasion of French armies even though the French armies outnumbered the Mexican forces. It is not “Mexican Independence Day,” that’s celebrated on September 16th. The reason it is celebrated in the United States is because beer companies wanted an excuse to sell more beer and thought it was ok to appropriate a culture for its fiesta stereotypes in order to sell their damn beer. Don’t be a fucking racist prick this Cinco de Mayo. Don’t dress up as a “Mexican” in your racist ass mustaches, sombreros, ponchos, and maracas. Understand that your celebration of this holiday isn’t to “commemorate” Mexican culture but rather you are feeding into capitalistic marketing that simply sees you as a money machine to further the wealth of corrupt beer companies.