Hey all you My Life at Speed-ers, I finally have a few new pics from Day 2.  I was behind the wheel and started the 2nd stage, and the 555 Bandito Brothers buggy was very quick and we made up quite a bit of time. This is a really fun car.

After our problems on Day 1, the guys worked until 4:30am back at the shop and then drove until 4pm to get to us. Long day for all of us.  You know you have great friends when they stop whatever they are doing, just to help out.  You know our buddy, Jet Boat Billy – well,  Jet Boat Billy got us a motor from his company, Picture Car Warehouse, and had his guys drive it to Mexico for us.  That is a good buddy for sure.

cliffordgmikey said:

is the friend me? is it? bc i get you i do they'd be good for a while but she'd end up killing him in his sleep and i mean she loves him but she'd kill him and well no one wants a dead mikey

laura you are my only friend so i’m sure they’re talking about you lol.

mikey and i would be happy for awhile sure, it would be fun at first, but it would eventually get violent and not in a sexy way but like in a i’m going to accidentally murder you in a fiery rage burning like 1000 mexican suns sort of violent. no one wants that.