Newark is a city without very much graffiti (this applies to Delaware as a whole). Therefore, when someone finds a nice area, it gets cluttered up rather quickly. This is a simple tag by Mewz, stylized as MEWЗ. That is actually not a 3 but the Cyrillic ‘Z’, as Mewz is Russian.

Photocred: Logan McCabe

mewz-chan asked:

The way Vronaak looks really reminds me of Howl from Howl's moving castle. ^_^

I won’t disagree with that xD But I am going to chalk it up to being completely unconscious, because while I love, love Howl (favourite movie, actually), I didn’t even realize the similarity until the most recent picture.

Even after deliberately looking for screen shots OF Howl because half-transformed-bird-face reference.

Not until my husband went “Do you really like this character because he reminds you of Howl?”, did I realize it lol. WHOOPS. NO REGRETS. All his design choices were taken from Arakkoa and the whole ravens thing and his hairstyle was because I tried to choose the most feathery one available.

#Chemoleague Tribut - [Wakin' up the hood] Sleepless again - #np ▶ Joss Stone Live at Java Jazz Festival 2013

#Chemoleague Tribut – [Wakin’ up the hood] Sleepless again – #np ▶ Joss Stone Live at Java Jazz Festival 2013

Chemoleague Tribut

Bereits die letzte Nacht endete um ca. 3:15 Uhr (MEWZ)… ok, hattee ich bereits gegen 21:05 Uhr (MEWZ) die Schotten dicht… aber mein Schlafythmus ist zur Zeit echt schwerst gestört…

Moinsen Ihr Spielbefreiten #fcsp Warte hier schon seit 3:15 auf €uch! #sleepless #dexamethason

— quotenrocker (@quotenrocker) March 28, 2015

…doch es gibt ja da diese…z.B. mit
Joss Stone!

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anonymous asked:

why would you do that. why would you try and hurt anyone on the off chance they "might hurt you first". what the fuck is that shit. that's not how you treat people ???? you trust that they won't hurt you and if they do then you communicate. or some shit. then again YOU'RE always the one hurting THEM so maybe you should fucking listen to them. like. yeah that seems fucking logical. huh. shocking.

I have friends that understand why I might end up doing that Scar. Just ask Lauren or Fly. Hell Mewz is really similar to me so ask him! These anons are boring. If you’re going to try and get me to break than try harder.