Here is Mew Mew Blog Thingy # 2!

Sorry for the lack of background music but it would’ve clashed with the topic of the video (which is Mew Mew Music and facts related to it XD). But yeah, some of the videos in this Blog Thingy will be trivia. Most is common knowledge but I hope everyone will learn a few new things from it =^w^=.

engaged-to-the-bromo-sapien asked:

IS: I notice you have headphones a lot! What music do you like? <(•u•)> Hug?

: 33 < i love all sorts of mewsic! i listen to a wide variety. i dont like country too much though. or heavy metal :P

: 33 < and of course!!!!!!!! * ac hugs mew *

in which ken and i are no longer friends
  • genericBanana:just look at this majestic fucker
  • genericBanana:
  • MuppetMissile:beautiful
  • MuppetMissile:does it have lipstick on its forehead
  • genericBanana:the purrfect cat
  • genericBanana:one might say
  • MuppetMissile:if one were a nerd, maybe
  • genericBanana:idk man that pun is mewsic to my ears
  • MuppetMissile:omg
  • genericBanana:idk why youre reacting like this im feline fine about these puns
  • genericBanana:
  • genericBanana:baby
  • MuppetMissile:whelp that's it
  • MuppetMissile:we can't be friends anymore
  • MuppetMissile:not if ur gonna keep making CAT PUNS.
Hey guys and all PMATGA fans on tumblr, After seeing episodes of PMATGA, you want a theater theatrical animated feature directly based on Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures?

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