Also I finally ordered that mewseum dress…. *u* haha I’ve had the money but I wanted to put it on my credit card! I get paid tomorrow so it’s nbd ehehe. Tho I did duck out of getting the shoes I wanted as well….but I got a cute cat necklace that was on sale as well.

Now to wait for that to show up and for my credit card statement whenever that shows up!!!

anonymous said:

'What is it called when a cat wins a dog show? A CAT-HAS-TROPHY!' Nudges and wiggles his now for some reason eyebrows. -That anon-

Tressym stared at him for few moments. Then chuckled. Then started to giggle. That was.. that was..

"Where did the kitties want to go for their class field trip? A mewseum!"

Oh heavens no now Ringtone was doing it too!