So I did a thing

And I know it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore but I wanted to wish a belated happy valentine’s day for everyone. I hope it was great for you!

(And yesterday I sketched, like, 12 of what I like to call “snippets of our Meowrail life”, but this was the first I actually finished SORRY.)

SpeciesSwap: Zahhak Style

(I just realized that the human version of Darkleer’s name, or the headcanon one my gf and I made up for him, Arunno, became the name of Equius’ lusus. I only JUST realized this. WOW.)

Everet Zachary plays soccer alongside his BEST FRIEND, Neveah Vincent-Lee. They go to the same school along with her brother, Keagan Vincent-Lee. Well, not by any BIOLOGICAL means. Their parents married when they were both 3 YEARS OLD, but Neveah’s mom kept her last name which is why they’re dashed together. Everet’s dad and Neveah’s mom are both in LAW ENFORCEMENT. In fact, they are PARTNERS. Everet plans to one day follow in his FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS and become as great a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER as him.

He likes wearing his father’s old SUNGLASSES. They were damaged in a chase, but his father LET HIM HAVE the old pair after he got NEW ONES. Everet takes the BEST CARE of them and doesn’t mind the CRACKS so much, since they remind him of his FATHER. They become even more special to him after they ENTER THE GAME.

He often talks very PROPERLY, much like how his father TAUGHT HIM, and he has very STRONG SELF-CONTROL, which his father also taught him. He also finds the odd show MY LITTLE PONY fascinating and ENJOYABLE. He has a CRUSH on both Akane Maki AND Gavril Makara. It is a COMPLICATED SITUATION, and he has little idea on what to do about either. Neveah takes entirely TOO MUCH INTEREST in his dilemma.

Horace Zachary is a younger, ALTERNATE version of his FATHER. He has a strange obsession with STEAMPUNK and wears the goggles he bought on Ebay EVERYWHERE. Once in game, one of the FIRST things he did was alchemize his wonderful STEAMPUNK COSPLAY after learning how. His love of Steampunk is only outmatched by his LOVE of his boyfriend, RUFIO NAVARRO. He finds his relationship with ANOTHER MALE oh-so-very SCANDALOUS in opposition to societal norms.

His NEW BEST FRIEND, Melina Lee, is teaching him to SMILE more. She says it will make him seem more FRIENDLY and will make others LIKE HIM MORE. He doesn’t know how well it is WORKING, but he likes to hope that RUFIO will find it more APPEALING. Horace has dreams of becoming an ENGINEER.

Arnold Zachary is Everet’s FATHER. He is EXTREMELY SERIOUS, which is likely why EVERET is so serious all the time. He is a SECRET FAN of the band, Dark Carnival. When he was YOUNGER, he ran into one of the LEAD SINGERS in a coffee shop the day before the CONCERT he was going to. He spilled coffee ALL OVER himself, and singer helped him CLEAN UP before leaving. He has had a SECRET CRUSH on Thanos Makara since.

He would much PREFER to keep his hair long like his SON’S, but he has an IMAGE to maintain and, unfortunately, is made to SHAVE HIS HEAD in order to be TAKEN SERIOUSLY. He thinks this is RIDICULOUS but understands that society DOES NOT CARE.