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I've been meaning to ask this for awhile. How come you ship equifef? It's a lovely ship, but it's pretty unusual and I would love to hear why :3

it was sort of a big accident actually!

me and my sister used to roleplay with each other a lot, and we’d do lots of long-term AUs because they were loads of fun. she wasn’t into RP as much as i was, so i often tried really hard to make the AUs about stuff she was really interested in to make it as fun for her as possible. at one point she was SUPER into Harry Potter, so i set up a Harry Potter AU. this was back before Act 6, so we had the 4 humans and 12 trolls all put into Harry Potter houses and we just had little adventures in that universe.

we turned the trolls into our humanstuck headcanons of them for convenience’s sake. and since the hemospectrum didn’t exist because of this, we worked out a different way to preserve Equius’ disgust for the “lower class” and respect for the “higher class”. naturally, we used half-bloods and pure-bloods instead of a color system like in canon.

but since there was no sea-dweller caste to section Feferi and Eridan into, we decided to ignore the fact that sea-dwellers and land-dwellers usually dislike each other a lot. this also forced us to overlook Equius’ dislike for Eridan and Feferi because they weren’t sea-dwellers, so he ended up treating them with the same sort of admiration he would treat Gamzee if Gamzee acted like a proper magical pure-blood.

and at one point during a class between Hufflepuffs and Slytherins, an argument broke out between the Houses. i think Vriska and Eridan started it with Tavros? and Feferi, protective of her House mate, also jumped in and told Vriska and Eridan to glub off and they retaliated at Feferi and so it seemed appropriate for me (player of Equius heh heh heh) to stand up for her since Feferi was a pure-blood and Vriska was a half-blood so this was E%TREMELY INJUST

and after the fight was over Feferi was all nice to Equius about standing up for her and Tavros and Equius was all shy becauSE WOW THIS TALENTED PURE-BLOOD WIZARD WAS ACKNOWLEDGING HIM THIS IS PRETTY GREAT AND I JUST



mewmewmewlin replied to your postso yeah apparently the reason i lost interest in…

what is it???

a couple of characters and one shamefully terrible attempt at landscaping that i gave up on just about immediately, but i’m not letting it put me down because i’ve basically only ever drawn a full fledge landscape approximately once that i can recall.

the characters came out pretty all right though! at least i think so. maybe i’m just happy to really see them for once, but i like the results. uvu

i guess i should consider posting them, huh…