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I tried doing that thing I had planned wherein I draw the owners of my favorite blogs and then I got bored like 5% of the way through and just doodled the rest of it because fuck you I do what I want.

thecrimsonalchemist asked:

Pride would DEF be slytherin. the whole pride (heh) thing, his snobbyness, the fact that he thinks he's better than everyone, his amazing job at manipulation and he's cunning as fuck. a mini voldemort, really

yes omg. pride’s spirit animal is probably tom riddle. 

he would probably chase ed around like colin creevey but secretly makes evil plans in the night to slice his limbs off. and he probably hates muggleborns and things they’re dirty blood and he’s superior. And he laughs at anyone who associates with them, like he does to greed for being an ally of humans.  

I’m thinking too much about this but sobbu.