City of mother goddess opens to tourism


The ancient city of Metropolis, a premier caravan site of yesteryear that was located on major trade routes, will soon begin drawing in visitors from near and afar thanks to significant investments to open the location up to tourism.

Excavations in the ancient city, which is located in İzmir’s Torbalı district, have been carried out by Culture and Tourism Ministry, Celal Bayar University, Sabancı Foundation and Torbalı Municipality. The historic structures in the ancient city have been preserved to a great extent, while necessary investments have been completed for Metropolis to gain the status of an ancient site. The ancient city is expected to open this year. Read more.

By the time Isaias Sosa turned 14, he’d already seen 15 bullet-riddled bodies laid out in his neighborhood of Cabanas, one of the most violent in this tropical metropolis. He rarely ventured outside his grandmother’s home, fortified with a wrought iron gate and concertina wire.

But what pushed him to act was the death of his pregnant cousin, who was gunned down in 2012 by street gang members at the neighborhood gym. Sosa loaded a backpack, pocketed $500 from his mother’s purse, memorized his aunt’s phone number in Washington state and headed for southern Mexico, where he joined others riding north on top of one of the freight trains known as La Bestia, or the Beast.

Crossing the Rio Grande into Texas, Sosa was apprehended almost immediately by Border Patrol agents as he desperately searched for water.

After a second unsuccessful attempt to enter the U.S. last fall, he now spends most of his days cooped up at home, dreaming of returning yet again.

"Everywhere here is dangerous," he said. "There is no security. They kill people all the time."

"It’s a sin to be young in Honduras." […]

Buffalo and Toronto from Space

On the left is Lake Erie and toward the bottom of the picture is the city of Buffalo, NY. The Niagara River, which splits Canada (top) and the US (bottom), can be seen flowing around Grand Island to Lake Ontario. At the top of the picture huddled along Ontario is the titanic city of Toronto, Canada’s largest metropolis.

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Here’s a short video of Cody dancing last night in Montreal!


Archisculpture - Beomsik WON

René Descartes claimed that in general, the design of architecture built by one master is more beautiful and perfect than that of buildings by many architects. However, the purpose of the Archisculpture Project is making gigantic architectural sculpture using various features of buildings by many different architects. This project could be described as a collage of a ‘Phantasmagoria’ that was discovered by Flâneur’s view of metropolis. If there is the Punctum in photography, parts of architectures I chose here would be my real Punctum, and the fabrication of these Puncta becomes the basis of the work. Within this project, a variety of architectural elements are reborn as a gigantic and historic new sculpture. Therefore, this project is quite symbolic. The Archisculpture Project creates new stories, connecting every meaning of architecture, or makes comments by dismantling a cityscape, rather than being merely an aesthetically pleasing artwork.

Chicago Snapshot no. 1

It’s a 1.5 mile walk from my apartment to the University where I work. Today it was raining at a consistent, mild patter the whole way, and I had an umbrella up, and I was hurrying so I could catch up on some regression with interaction terms analyses on a new data set. I’d wasted half the day at home, trying to wait the rain out, and now I was in a mild rush to get there and get it all done. 

Two blocks from my office, a miniscule old woman took a firm grasp of my wrist. 

"I am going to Metropolis," she garbled. "I don’t have an umbrella." 

She turned toward the intersection and waited for the walk signal, not releasing my hand, not trying to debate with me, just assuming I would escort her. 

"You’re going to…" 

"Metropolis," she said. "I need my coffee and my donut. $1.65. Right?" 

"I thought coffee was 2.19," I said, "2.89 for a large." 

The light turned and we crossed the street. She never released my arm. 

Metropolis was two blocks south and one block west of where we were standing. We were heading away from my destination. We were heading obviously in the exact opposite direction that I had been heading when I came across the woman, which she surely had seen. But she didn’t care. 

For half a block we were silent. My body was tilted at an odd angle to accompany her shortness, keep my arm secure, and ensure she had enough umbrella coverage. I kept walking too fast, but then she would tug at my arm and jerk and slow me down. My backpack was swinging off my shoulder at an awkward angle. We passed a few other pedestrians and my eyes dropped to the concrete — I felt that my discomfort was obvious. 

"Is it going to rain tomorrow?" She demanded to know. 

"I don’t know. I think so?" I pondered. "It’s a 60% chance of rain all day, and some chance of thunderstorm tomorrow." 

"But it’s raining today, it will rain tomorrow?" 

"I think?" I felt the need to keep the conversation going. "You live around here?" 

"Yes, Sheridan & Rosemont. You?" 

"No, I work up here. I live on Foster. By Argyle?" 

"Oh! Argyle! You walked here??" 


"Every day??"

"Yeah, I always walk up here." 

"You go to school here?" 

"No. I teach here." 

"Did you eat?" 

"Um, yeah." 

"I need my coffee and my donut." She said, exasperated. We rounded the corner. "My sister went to work and took the umbrella." 

"Oh." I tried to sympathize. "My umbrella is always breaking." 

The rain slowed, then seemed to stop. I began to close the umbrella then she swatted at me. 

"No, don’t, stop," she said. "It’s still raining." 

Finally I delivered her to Metropolis. I tried to say, “See ya!” but she waggled her hand and scowled to make me stay and escort her back. 

Tra aprile 2013 e lo scorso marzo sono gli italiani gli expats che hanno attraversato più numerosi la Manica per trasferirsi nella capitale britannica, il 12 per cento del totale delle new entries da oltremare, seguiti a distanza da spagnoli, romeni e polacchi. Con buona pace di Omar Pedrini e della sua «Che ci vado a fare a Londra?», tanto popolare come canzone quanto poco ascoltata come consiglio, ben 28.345 italiani hanno fatto le valigie e lasciato il Belpaese per andare proprio lì, e a questo plotone vanno aggiunti altri 14mila connazionali che hanno piantato le tende nel resto della Gran Bretagna. Quasi 42mila persone, solo nell’ultimo anno, con una crescita del 28 per cento rispetto al 2012. I nuovi emigranti che scelgono Londra sono in maggioranza giovani, tra i 18 e i 34 anni, attirati dal fascino della metropoli cosmopolita ma soprattutto dalle migliori opportunità di lavoro, con la ristorazione che fa ancora la parte del leone.

ART: Skittles by Josh Kline

Josh Kline presents Skittles, an industrial refrigerator containing smoothies produced by the artist using unconventional and poetic combinations of ingredients including kale chips, squid ink, sneakers, phone bills, and pepper spray.

Each smoothie stands as a portrait of a different contemporary lifestyle. When grouped together, they evoke a landscape of aspiration, taste, and – at times – deprivation in a metropolis like New York City.

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A book cover interpreting Fritz Lang’s science fiction film Metropolis, about a futuristic city that is supported by a machine city that dwells underneath it. A streamlined book cover is ripped away to reveal mechanical forms that hold the typographic structure together.