What a difference my big camera makes. Its been awhile since I’ve last played with it. My wife and I were wedding photographers once upon a time, so there’s a good amount of gear left over that rarely gets used. But it is fun to actually take a real picture. The subject yesterday was the third brew from the Speakeasy Brewing case, “Metropolis.” I think I enjoy their awesome label artwork more so than the beer itself. Which is strange because I really like their IPA, I figured that the rest of the lineup would be just as strong. Don’t get me wrong though these are all good beers, just nothing to sing about. 

Photo Nerds: 58mm, 1/10sec  at f /5.0, ISO 500

Perhaps running away wasn’t the absolute best plan Eridan had concocted. Midnight City was already a rough place, but the rainstorm that had rolled in from the desert was fiercely battering the neon metropolis. The wind pulled and tugged at the hem of the young seadweller’s sodden coat, the water pelting him as he stumbled down the filthy alley.

The fact that he’d already been mugged twice certainly hadn’t helped things either. A bit of violet blood trickled from his lip, and his left cheek sported a bruise; courtesy of a rather large thug’s meaty fist. He hadn’t been carrying anything valuable, of course. And once the vagabonds had left him alone, Eridan simply pushed himself to his feet and kept trudging along.

To say that he was miserable that evening would have been a supreme understatement. He was cold, tired, dejected; and it was all wrapped up in the hollow feeling of lonesomeness that had driven him to flee in the first place.

Eridan didn’t know where he was going. The important thing was to simply walk, and to keep walking until…well, he hadn’t thought quite that far ahead, admittedly. 



1x07 Craving

LEX: I was out in a cornfield when the first meteor hit. It was like a tidal wave coming at me. Then everything went black. Next thing I remember, I was waking up in Metropolis General completely bald.
CLARK: Lex, I didn’t know…
LEX: Not many people do, Clark.

have to physically restrain myself from drawing metro ham with nurse 28 (in the style of metropolis of course) excitedly telling her about his job monitoring the sewage lines and her saying “WOW YOURE LIKE…AN EXPERT ON SHIT” im cryin im not never gonna let this frickin joke go am i


17 Melbourne Bookstores Every Bibliophile Should Visit;

1. Reader’s Feast Bookstore

2. Kay Craddock Antiquarian Bookseller

3. Dymocks

4. City Basement Books

5. Little Melbourne Bookroom

6. Embiggen Books

7. Readings

8. The Little Library

9. Metropolis Bookshop

10. Minotaur Entertainment

11. The Book Grocer

12. The Paperback Bookshop

13. The Brunswick Street Bookstore

14. PolyEster Books

15. The Grub Street Bookstore

16. Hare & Hyenas

17. Bookhouse

Each is a fantastic and uniquely individual experience in the Heart of Melbourne! I know I’ve spent hours in many of these stores, and loved every minute!

Little shout out to The Little Library which is a set of shelves and two comfy chairs in the middle of Melbourne Central Station!
Based on the honesty policy, you can take a book home and bring it back when you’re ready, or keep it and bring something to replace it!
There’s always something interesting to find.

If you’re in Melbourne, say hello to as many as you can, and pick up something new!

Web Source: Buzzfeed
Image Source: Buzzfeed