The idea of community has been tied to the idea of a place. Although other conditions are associated with the community - including “sense of belonging”, a body of shared values, a system of social organization, and interdependency - special proximity continues to be considered a necessary condition. But it is now becoming apparent that it is the accessibility rather than the propinquity aspect of “place” that is the necessary condition. As accessibility becomes further freed from propinquity, cohabitation of a territorial place - whether it is a neighborhood, a suburb, a metropolis, a region, or a nation, is becoming less important to the maintenance of social communities.

M. Webber- 'Urban Places and the Non-place Urban Realms' (1964)

It is ease of access to a place, not just people residing there that defines a local community.  

This Map Shows Manhattan Transform from the Countryside to a Metropolis

It’s hard to imagine, but Manhattan used to be a bunch of open fields and trees. Then, after a small Dutch fort turned into an important trading post, things began to change. And a new map project by the architects and coders at Morphocode lets you visualize the past 300 years of that process. - Gizmodo


Yesterday the girls and I rode the Skytrain to Metrotown. Mostly we rode the train so the girls could have the adventure of sitting in the front of the train.
Arrow started getting restless and cranky so we hopped off at Metrotown and sampled tea at David’s Tea. The girls spotted a $1 carousel, so they hopped on and had a spin. We wandered over near the elevators and spotted what looked to be an ice castle with Santa inside. We rode the elevator down to Santa’s castle and the girls sat with Santa for a way to early picture.
They were each given a candy cane and a free ice cream cone from DQ. So we set off on an adventure around the metropolis in search for ice cream. We rode the elevator many times. We walked a lot. Then we hopped back on the train heading back downtown.
Oria asked so nicely if we could go for dinner at The Four Seasons where they have the best macaroni and wiki stix. It seemed like the stars were aligned.
All the decorated Christmas trees were out on display and the girls quickly discovered an Olaf tree and a Frozen tree.
The girls enjoyed their macaroni, I had a glass of wine and a bowl of delicious seafood chowder.
On our way out of the hotel we walked past a few more trees. Both girls stopped and sat with the calculator under the one of the trees.
When we stepped outside Oria was excited to see the darkness. She ran all the way to the bus stop, plunked herself down in front of a big Christmas tree and waited on a bus like a big city kid.

bigdacat asked:

Just one day, and half of metropolis, the egg carrier, and angel island are just all in shambles because they were going on an adventure for no reason. That's why I love Big. He will either do things for his friends, or just because he's bored. Speaking of which. *the large cat suddenly grabs Moriko in his arms and lifts her into a gentle hug* Yeah...he's a hugger.

(( Omg, and it all because they did something small like accidentally knock over a bucket of water or lean on an button they didn’t know about. XD ))
Cue the hedgemeleon squirming at first, until she had soon realize it was just a hug. “U-uhm…hey?” she looked very confused, yet didn’t mind the hug. She was a hugger herself.