Lost sight

I’ve lost sight

Of who I was

Of who I wanted to be.

Robbed of my future

I have no choice but to look to my past.

Still trapped in the present.

That question you asked.

I would have liked to respond but

I lost sight of my answer.

To my problems

To that look on your face.

That smile on my face is


I never meant to hurt anyone.

I never meant to hurt you.

My eyes tell the truth

But my words betray me.

Forgive me my love.

I’ve lost sight of you.


They told me to run If I ever saw you.

Why am I still holding your hand?

Because your the same as me.

You’re not an angel at all.

Your brilliant smiles are all a lie.

I see fear behind your smile.

you shoulder unimaginable burdens from your past.

Your heart is filled with uncertainty and helplessness.

You’ve wronged people.

You’ve hurt people.

You berate yourself everyday  for it.

I was just like you.

I can tell from your eyes.

We both know what the problem is, but we have no solution.

We feel that life is unfair to us.

But what matters the most is not our fate or destiny.

It’s our will.

Meant to fail

You mean everything to me.

I have no place to go.

I’m a bastard but my heart is gold.

I know you’ll be ok.

Were parting for now.

It was fun but we knew it wouldn’t last.

I’ll leave you alone.

Maybe you’ll call me.

But I won’t call you.

Your voice might kill me.

which is funny since you kind of saved me.

 Its so hard for me to leave.

It just shows how easy it was

for me to fall for you.

you kept trying to fix me.

I was never broken.

were a toxic love.

The perfect blend of love and turmoil.

Of excitement and boredom.

We were meant to fail.

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Of course I have to do America XP

Watch on metroidsmash.tumblr.com

This one and then one more from japan i swear. Germany and South America next.

Watch on metroidsmash.tumblr.com

Manchester Orchestra live at The Tabernacle. Last song they played. O’brother and Cage the elephant came back out and played with them. coolest shit ever. WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO!! And yes I was there for this. The audience says play one more song and that’s when every one comes back out on stage. Trying to find the video for that.