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Cuts 11 and 12 DONE!! Some 130 frames all together!! Decided to add more shadows to the close-up, since the cut seemed a bit plain without. I also had a small fight with the train controls: I really like working with After Effects, but the graph editor is painful to use after the awesomeness of Autodesk Maya. The train also makes the gifs unholy large, and I had to cut the scene in million pieces to get it to move on Tumblr.


Das Interview mit dem Action-Fotograf Johnny Jailbreak, der seit 4 Jahren die internatonale Graffiti-Szene & ihre Akteure dokumentiert, ist das erste Artist Feature das Bordsteinschwalbe vorstellt.

Getroffen haben wir den 52-jährigen Schulabbrecher & Frührentner im Süden Hamburgs. Bei ein paar Bier in seiner Lieblingskneipe erzählte er uns einen Schwung aus seinem Leben als Graffitifotograf. In dem ca. 5minütigen Video gibt es ein paar schöne Aktionen aus verschiedenen Ländern und den ein oder anderen wohlgenährten Polizisten zu sehen.

Das auf 50 Stück limitierte T-Shirt mit einem Foto aus Copenhagen von Johnny Jailbreak gibt es bei uns im Onlineshop zusammenen mit einem exclusiven Fotobuch mit den schönsten Aufnahmen des Fotografen.

Johnny Jailbreak is taking photos for 4 years now. His photography is documenting the international graffiti-scene and its acteurs. He´s the first artist who is presented by Bordsteinschwalbe. We met him in the south of hamburg. While drinking some beers he told aus about his life as a graffitiphotographer. The video shows some nice actions and some fat cops. The shirt which shows a photo from copenhagen and is limited to 50 shirts. It´s available in our onlineshop. Every shirt will be sent together with an exlusive photobook from Johnny Jailbreak.


I am jealous of your bed sheets — the ones you wrap yourself in over and over when you are unreasonably cold for the season. I am jealous of the people who get to pass by you in the metro and who will never know your name. They don’t know that they are lucky, that their shoulders touch someone wonderful.
—  Chelsea Fagan

Well we did it guys! The amazing Duncan actually wrote an article for us at Metro about the tag and Emmerdale replied to our tweets! I’m a little speechless right now. You took the tag and you ran with it, well done everyone!!

#SaveRobron xx