My lovely tumblr people

So I wanna do a tumblr meetup heavy on the Sherlock and the Whovian and Nerdfighter love.

I want to meetup at Alice’s Teacup on the Westside.

102 West 73rd

where we can have tea and scones

and then play in the park.

Does that work for you all? I’m think May 5th or 12th I’m giving the head’s up now to see who’s interested.

Sherlock cookies ordered!
Submitted the order! I went with the original cookies because oh wow shipping is expensive otherwise. I got a set of 65 with… (Backslash indicates a line break)
  • Come at once if convenient.\ If inconvenient, come anyway.\ -SH
  • I’m not dead. Let’s have dinner.
  • This is my note.\ Goodbye, John.
  • If you’ve eaten this cookie\ I will find you\ And I will skin you.

First is one of my favorite lines period, second is something I just thought would be hilarious to find in a fortune cookie (and by “hilarious” I mean…), third because I’ve always wanted to get a fortune cookie that just said “DUCK!” and also because of MetLock!, fourth one is evil and I am a bad person (Note: the full quote didn’t fit), I just adore the last one and I wanted to throw in a cookie reference.

Look for them at the next NYC Sherlock event :3