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I really, really hate girly Cecils.

I just dislike them. Very much. They seem so, so so very out of character to me. but whaddya gonna do, right?

well this summer I’m gonna make a metric tonne of art. that’s what I’m gonna do.

anonymous asked:

Are OKKO and Arith-metic the same company? It gets so confusing when okko games like 'my sweet proposal' and 'sweet scandal' have 'OKKO/Arithmetic' at the bottom and the exact format of the arithmetic games

This is a very common misconception and it amuses me to no end when I see someone leaving an angry message on either company’s facebook about a game that isn’t theirs.

No. OKKO and Arithmetic are not the same company. The reason why you think OKKO are is because Arithmetic made a gaming engine called arismile that OKKO uses for their games.

I don’t know how much you know about the gaming engine communities, but think of it like Ren'Py which a lot of the NaNoRenO creators are building their games on or Unity that a lot of action-based indie game are built on.

The only difference is the arismile engine has a very specific look to it and I don’t really know how far it can be customized other than color and text changes. The arismile ver2 (which I loving call the “scale” games) is the version that is used now over the ver1 which you will see if you play any older games like Starstruck Love or Office Lover.

This is why you see the OKKO/Arithmetic at the bottom of the OKKO games. I’m sure Arithmetic, at the very least, requires to be credited for the use of their gaming engine.

Arithmetic boasts on the engine’s website that it is the nation’s largest free simulation game engine. Meaning a lot of Japanese gaming companies use it, we just haven’t seen those companies try to release in English yet.

So, before you go to yell at OKKO about Fairy Love Tale or Arithmetic about Royal Midnight Kiss, please make sure you check to see that you are yelling at the right company. Or, better yet, yell at them through the inquiry function directly in the app. Nobody who matters is checking the facebook page for grievances about their games.

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