An experimental shortfilm about a man in his early 20’s that went from nothing to something in just a short amount of time, this is his story.

coming soon

Directed | Cinematography | Edited: Terell Wheeler

Actor: Drew Kuchan 

Set Design: Terell Wheeler | Drew Kuchan 

Music: F L A C O - “there’s a theme here”

track released 30 June 2014 

Produced by KAINE SOLO

SPACE ELEPHANTS - Original film score 

composed:Nik Reasoner


FADED - @BennyJe_t. 

New Release from Indiana Raconteur, FLACO of BORED. 

one of my personal favorites of Experimental Indie Music FLACO provides a non-stop ride through the consciousness // culture of Indiana while still providing room for enjoyable gems such as…

[ #Xpac, #HeavenOnEarf , #P&P #HiYAH #PWONG #LEMONSTYLE ] etc..

the work ethic and ingenuity of Flac & the BORED. collective have paid off in a major way.. this year alone FLACO was scouted & will be performing a #SxSW amoung other music festivals.

who knows what the future can hold.. 

only time will tell till then ” F L E C K ” BORED. Soldiers

 - $wan 




M E T H C O A S T bitches.


World War Z (June 2013). 


LIMER by @tagmsk [directed by BORED]

3\3 pages in the Avisualist | Visions Time Capsule interviews 

this zine is based on some of my favorite artists right now, this interview is 3 of 3, i’m not going to say much more because I want you to learn about these artists on your own so check it all out :)



This years been an amazing ride.. and though it’s almost over, there’s a lot of Ble$$ings to be thankful for..
I’m thankful for my Triiibe of $wans & Angels that’ve been with me from the jump, but also for the new friends God’s brought into my life this year. I’m shaped as an individual by the interactions & conversations I’ve had with you all this year..
I’m thankful for the people who help me push this culture, and the amazing Artisans who craft the wonderful words, clothes films, photos & songs that collectively make up the DNA of Indy’s culture…

most of all I’m thinkful for my best friend, my Palpito,my Dotar Sojat, you can make a Thurs evening with friends feel like a Friday Night. you’ve taught me to trust my self and take risks this year.. and I truly believe that those risks have givin’ me stories that are worth more than gold.
and for that I Thank You

Lastly thank you to all the people who’ve been genuine with me this year.. there are a lot of ppl who’ll leave your life because they can’t get what they want from you immediately, but there are those who are only here to build.. and for that I thank you as well..