(Smithsonian) Stunning Bubbles Frozen Under Lake Abraham

Frozen bubbles of methane trapped beneath Alberta’s Lake Abraham are beautiful, but dangerous if popped.

These frozen bubbles under Alberta’s Lake Abraham might look like winter jewels, but you wouldn’t want to be too close to one if it popped: the bubbles are actually frozen pockets of methane, a highly flammable gas. Most of the time, methane escaping from the surface of water is relatively harmless—but if you happen to be lighting a match at the time one of these bubbles explodes, watch out.


Apparently everyone I ask on and off Tumblr thinks I should be an earthbender.  :D

Except my one friend who was there when I got picked for the lighting methane soap bubbles on fire experiment on my birthday, and it looked like I wanted to set the entire school on fire.

But seriously, the feeling during the experiment with the heat and breeze is my headcanon on what firebending feels like.


Science is too fcking awesome tho.