Mandalas and Jung.

Mandalas and Jung.

Jung compared the mandala with the human eye in a morfologic and a spiritual way.

The human eye is like a mandala because it represents the see, the light and the conciousness. It contemplates the universe, absorbs cosmic energy and show it to the spirit. It´s the union between you and the cosmos.

The circles of the mandala represents the ocular iris, and the presence of a lot of circles was the interpretation of the unconciousness as a multiple conciousness.

I channeled this a few months ago

What your body is
Your body is the worlds most complex and important container, because its living, its breathing, its housing a soul. You want to know about your body because it does hold the soul, and the soul is the main part of everything. Some say a happy body is a happy soul, which I think is true. When you become connected to your body and see it as a home, or a temple. When you realized that it needs looking after, you will understand what the body is.
The body gives the soul a great ability. The ability to be in the physical, the ability to grow and have soul growth, birth, and rebirth. When you get connected to your body, you will see that it really is nothing more than a complex container. This thought gives the soul another great ability. It gives it a chance to leave. It gets to leave because the body is living, the body has energy in it, it can hold space when your soul is not in it. Thats why its really important to be connected with your body on a soul level. If you are not connected to your body on a soul level you will have problems getting back into it once you leave. Having problems getting into your body can have great effects on the soul and the body.
May you look and see what and why your body is Blessed be, WindWalker

The 2nd Chakra in our physical body,located right below the navel, is the Sacral Chakra, or Svadhisthana. This chakra governs our inner creativity, passion and sexuality. It is represented by the color orange and relates to our sexual organs and hormones.

Balanced-With a balanced Sacral Chakra, we able to empathize with others.We feel with this energy center. We are re-aligned with self-acceptance, intimacy, and sexual drive/energy.

Unbalanced-When we have an unbalanced Sacral Chakra on our hands, we experience a decrease in sexual desire. We suffer from guilt, blame, and insecurity. We find it harder to express the creative side of our being.

Orange foods such as oranges, tangerines and carrots will help bring this energy wheel back into balance. Child’s Pose and Triangle Twist aid in balance the energy at this center. Orange gemstones such as Amber or  Tiger’s Eye are great to meditate with on this chakra. Also, wearing orange can bring balance.


Seiken Tsukai no World Break

Name: Seiken Tsukai no World Break (Diomedea)

Subtitle: The “World Break? More like spirit break” anime

Initial Thoughts: Help me.

Summary: Saviors eh NO NOT A FUCKEN SCHOOL. DUDE WE GET IT. WTF BOOM. Metaphsyicals - fucken really. DAMMIT FUCKEN SCHOOLS. BLOOD! Just all the collapsing. Dear god it’s begun. Nope I am quitting, I can feel my soul be torn apart bit by bit.

Review: I wish I was stronger dear reader. I wish that despite having seen over 500 animes that I could somehow manage to stomach another minute of this drivel for your amusement at my reaction. I wish that I could say I only quit partway through if I fall asleep or feel like butt stuff is gonna happen. That’s not true though, because I don’t think I even made it halfway through this. I’m sorry but I truly mean it when I say that anime like this truly was tearing apart my soul bit by bit by bit with every second it went on. There is a special level of hell for any who feel this is a top choice for this season - and that hell is watching this anime.

Date Added: 01/12/15

Reverse Evil Eye Spiritual Body Wash / Cleanse / Protection / Protect / Santeria / Voodoo / Hoodoo

This soap is to take away and reverse the evil eye and psychic attack back to the sender. Clean yourself before using. Wash downward and air dry. 

Evil eye can be given via the eyes or through envy alone. Symptoms that you have the evil eye are headaches, nightmares, unexplainable aches and pains in parts of the body, bad luck, stunted growth of finances, frequent accidents, and back to back bad relationships. 

Keep this soap refrigerated.Stir before use.

Ingredients: Rue, Garlic, Sage & other herbs.

Comes in a 4 oz. plastic container.