Amber is not actually a crystal or mineral at all, for it is really fossilized resin that dripped from the pine trees of the forests that grew in the Tertiary Period. That being said, is reflects the beginning of the Earth, and is very represenative of Earth and Nature.

 While Amber does not emit strong healing properties, it can help in improving the brain and nervous system, increase clarity of the mind, and reduce anxiety. When placed over a specific part of the body, Amber can help draw out pain and also help balance it.

  When worn, Amber can help those who have suicidal tendencies, those who get depressed easily, or those who do not want to be in their physical bodies anymore by grounding the higher energies to the Earth plane.

Disclaimer:Stones work differently for every individual. Always become in tune with a crystal/stone to discover how it will affect you. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Create Your Best Future: Three Ways To Shape Your Life For The Better

us PostAugust 14, 2011

Create your best future: three way to shape your life for the better

Posted by Sister Karol Jackowski

“All that is good is God” painting

Because the future is created by our actions in the present, it’s in the world’s best interest, and our own, that we focus on becoming better versions of ourselves each and every day. We are born to be mediums of love and kindness. And we all have it in our power to shape the future by the choice to let loving and just, or hateful and destructive things happen through us. The future depends completely on the way we act now.

Look at the Choices You Make

Every day we are given the opportunity to do things that either lift one another up or put one another down. We can be kind and generous or mean and selfish, judgmental or accepting, forgiving or not. Every choice we make works to create or destroy the sense of goodness in life and the experience of peace on this earth. Our choices serve to unite or divide, to make others and ourselves better or worse. So pay serious attention to the choices you make. A better future depends on it. 

Nourish the Capacity to Do Good

In becoming better human beings right now, we are called upon to nourish the capacity to let only good things happen through us. This means there can be no hate in our heart at all: no self-righteousness, no meanness, no discrimination, and no selfish disregard for the poor and suffering in our world. If we are not more kind every day, more understanding, more patient, more loving, and more fun to be with, then we are not nourishing our capacity to do good. The future we create will look like the world does now, agonizing for the presence of better human beings. Nourish only the capacity to do good.

Respect What You Can’t Understand

There is no way we can become better human beings by condemning what we can’t understand, whether it be someone’s religious, sexual, or political preference.  There is no way we can create a better future until we treasure the differences among us as a strength binding us together, not a weakness tearing us apart. Better human beings respect all the diverse mysteries of life, especially those we can’t yet understand. If we love what we can’t understand, divine understanding will be ours.

Until next week, think about this:  Goodness speaks in a whisper, evil shouts. -Tibetan proverb

I channeled this a few months ago

What your body is
Your body is the worlds most complex and important container, because its living, its breathing, its housing a soul. You want to know about your body because it does hold the soul, and the soul is the main part of everything. Some say a happy body is a happy soul, which I think is true. When you become connected to your body and see it as a home, or a temple. When you realized that it needs looking after, you will understand what the body is.
The body gives the soul a great ability. The ability to be in the physical, the ability to grow and have soul growth, birth, and rebirth. When you get connected to your body, you will see that it really is nothing more than a complex container. This thought gives the soul another great ability. It gives it a chance to leave. It gets to leave because the body is living, the body has energy in it, it can hold space when your soul is not in it. Thats why its really important to be connected with your body on a soul level. If you are not connected to your body on a soul level you will have problems getting back into it once you leave. Having problems getting into your body can have great effects on the soul and the body.
May you look and see what and why your body is Blessed be, WindWalker

Decided to shoot a green lazer vertically up from underneath the beautiful naturally made piece of #moldavite. Truly one of my favorite among the other #metaphsical #gems that I have. You can just see how the edges defuses the laser in different directions. The healing properties just adds on to it’s beauty and worth to me.