Sworn In is a metalcore band from Grayslake, Illinois. The band was formed in 2011 and consists of vocalist Tyler Dennen, guitarists Zakary Gibson and Eugene Kamlyuk, bassist Derek “Slim” Bolman, and drummer Chris George. (x)

January 28th

Three years ago today 5 guys met up in a garage, jammed out a song and became a band. It’s Awake was formed that night with literally one song half way finished. In those three years we’ve had people come and go, we’ve played shows to five people and we’ve played shows to hundreds in the room. In those three years we’ve never once doubted our potential, striving to be one of the best metal bands to come out of the Utah music scene. We’ve had our ups and downs, fights, squabbles with other bands and promoters but that’s in the past. We look to the future and in all honesty, confidence or none, without fans willing to spread your music you won’t get far so to all of you guys who’ve stopped by given us a look, a listen, a like on Facebook and all of our other social media platforms, we thank you. All of you who’ve shared our music, shared our videos, bought a shirt, bought (or stolen) our single, thank you.

Today is our 3 year anniversary of becoming a band and with that we’re proud to announce that, as many of you may know, we are in the studio recording new music. What we haven’t told you is that we’re recording with Dan Jones of Chelsea Grin once again but it’s not for a new single, or an EP, no we’re going big or going home. We are currently in process of recording our first full length album. We’ll be dropping an album title and artwork once the final mastering begins. So get ready because soon after we’ll be dropping 12 tracks of pure chaos. And this is just one in a series of new exciting news that we’ve got in store for our fans, new and old. Fans that have been with us from the beginning, thank you. Fans that just found us even a couple days ago, thank you, welcome aboard, buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Welcome to the family.