Jamelia, what were you thinking?

Jamelia quoted on loose women that if a woman is not of a “healthy” size (being a UK size 8-16) then she SHOULD feel uncomfortable with herself.

I don’t think “uncomfortable” is the word, I think because of the media, females are put under a lot of pressure to look a certain way and the words that come to mind are “shame, ridicule and depression”.

I have personally been fortunate to be slim for most of my life due to healthy lifestyle and high metalbolism but some people aren’t as fortunate. Yes, people will most likely be over-weight due to poor diet and lack of exercise but we must take into account those with healthy problems or whatever that can contribute to weight gain, for example, glandular problems, post pregnancy or medication.

I have had friends in the past and present who are considered over-weight, good, hard-working, descent people and do I think they should be shamed by walking into a specialist plus-sized clothes stores and don’t deserve to look and feel good, of course not. They deserve to go out and feel stylish and confident in what they wear just as much as a slim person.

Jamelia really should re-think what she said and apoligise for her remark.