2008 was the year of ‘Dead Bang’. It came out during a time where BMX was slowly transitioning to it’s current form of tech based street riding and urban rap culture. So for a video to focus on a bunch of androgynous punk guys in black, hucking themselves over big gaps. It was an eye opener for most. I think a lot of the appeal was that it’s a bit of a nostalgic video with the riding and music reminiscent to the olden days, when men would step up to large setups and prove more gutso than any type of technical prowess. A lot of people probably thought that type of rider was gone but Dead Bang proved them wrong. Even though Metal is more or less dead these days, Dead Bang was a great way to end it all…

But you know what they say ‘punk’s not dead!’. Even if a lot of punk culture has died down as long their are individuals like Albie Bennett, then it’ll always be alive and the heart of Metal Bikes will exist somewhere. With Half blonde, half black hair, big tricks, crazy antics, some psychobilly soundtrack, there is no denying Albie was metal through and through. He is honored with the prestigious first section and it’s well deserved. The last wallride will make your ankles your crack and your balls drop.

Albie Bennett

Willie the Wild One by Willie the Wild One

Metal - Dead Bang(2008)

Edited by Jimmy Levan

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