Metal Slug 2

Device: Universal

Price: $3.99

A Double P Review: Metal Slug 2 was the first Metal Slug game I ever cut my teeth on. The characters, enemies, and bosses were fun and filled with over the top animations. Capturing the fun and spirit of the original version, including scan lines if you want to enable it, the port over to mobile devices is a lot of fun. As expected, the touch controllers don’t match up against an arcade stick and buttons but being able to play Metal Slug on the go is invaluable. While Metal Slug 3 remains the superior Metal Slug (which you can also get on your iOS device), part 2 does well enough to warrant a purchase for those looking for solid arcade action. 

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Study: Metal Slug 3

False Rootmars







Metal Slug 3 (2000)

Developer(s): SNK

Frame sheet can be found here.

Sprite map can be found here.

Note: It’s a static boss with a single move (granted there’s a small and large variant of the attack), but I wanted to show it off since it’s one of the best effects I’ve seen among any pixelated game. On top of including the final sprite, I’ve separated both layers of the effect because that’s really what’s being studied here.


Celebrating 500 followers! To commemorate this glorious occasion, I offer wallpapers from some of the most amazing (and beautiful) games ever created—the original Metal Slug releases. These are easily the most difficult wallpapers I’ve created so far, because of the gut-wrenching decisions about what to try and include from each game. I’m still not sure I’m satisfied with them, and I may never be. Metal Slug as a series just aren’t the kind of games you can envision in a single wallpaper. I could create two of these for every stage in each game and still not come close to capturing all the detail, nuance and personality these games possess. And something no amount of wallpapers could ever dispay is the animation quality. Enemies, characters and items each have dozens, sometimes hundreds of frames of animation. It is truly crazy. There is a reason that these titles are often considered the pinnacle of 2D sprite-based graphics.

Including Metal Slug X may feel like cheating since it’s a remake of Metal Slug 2, but it did feature different items, enemies and stage palettes and even if the general layout was the same as 2, I still call it more inspired than Metal Slug 4 (ptui!) Remember that these are artistic impressions and do not represent the actual enemy, item and level combinations in the game (I’m especially guilty of this with Metal Slug 3, which is just a big mish-mash of all the alien activity from various levels.)

As always, Tumblr scales down the size of these images so in order to get the full version of these wallpapers (with properly-distributed scanlines), use the links below. These have also been added to my online wallpaper gallery.
Metal Slug - full size wallpaper
Metal Slug 2 - full size wallpaper
Metal Slug X - full size wallpaper
Metal Slug 3 - full size wallpaper


Gaming Nostalgia: Week 2 - Retro Video Game Posters

Featuring: NFL Blitz ‘99 / Silent Scope / Street Fighter III 3rd Strike / Metal Slug X / The House of The Dead 2 / Crazy Taxi / Power Stone / Tekken Tag

Gaming Nostalgia is a new series of posts that I will share every Sunday from now until the end of July showcasing retro/old school flyers.

Week 1

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"Back to the China" from Metal Slug 2.