My little Monster Hunter - Pinkamena

 - Unlike the rest of her friends, Pinkamena highly enjoys hunting the highly poisonous, and absolutely disgusting, wyverns known as Gigginox.
To show her love of it, she even wears armor she crafted from all the dead gigginox she has hunted, and even made a lance and shield out of them. as a plus, the armor itself has an anti-poison effect on it, which is needed when fighting even more Gigginox.-

by MetaDragonArt

i love my grandma, i really do :D 

she’s the coolest tiger dragon ever ^^ yeah, my grandma is a tiger dragon, and my grandpa (dad’s side. R.I.P. grandpa…) was a VERY brave pony ^^;  i’ll make a detailed family tree explaining how weird my family genes are, later.

anyway, recently it was my grandma’s birthday :D so i drew this for her <3 happy birthday grandma ^^ <3