fluid framework defining constraints of unintentionality.

help activate awareness of entanglement. the deep level interplay of realities and their patterns.

allowing higher operational functionality of our minds into hyperconsciousness.

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narrative fractals are a story of an experience within a story of an experience.

(experience is defined as a holographic projection of reality within multiple subsets of connected information, clustered as networked trends which have density to a symbolic state)

(symbolic state is defined as a cultural influence which has embedded meaning and intention that grows as its usage is experienced)

in a sense, narrative fractals are a system within a system which has scope to go as far as necessary to deliver a construct of its own existence, for interplay of certain() yet initially undefined variables.

a narrative fractal is the unfolding (= able to be told or seen through instruction of its own deliverance) of timelines which expand (= reaching extensions of development) and contract (= condensing compounds into tangible substances) further than their foreseen
instance (that which is derived through effort vs momentum from a certain state / mode).

narrative fractals are connected to one another, involving multiple entities with their own instances portrayed as ‘environmental construct influencers’ to a vector (= a super variable point in the fluid hyperreality where a mind experiences a narrative fractal projection).

(entity is an organism which is connected to any other organism and is not limited to a human mind).

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BOOM . . . remove object

how fast is required for locating moving platforms? 

not only individual’s vector move, but the collective’s as well. swells resonate, and the optimal way to find ground is by going in the flow of offsets. 

as it is, it is already the ways, only but a minuscule ratio, where there is time to respond. if minds cannot extrapolate the course of desire, being lost could be an option. 

resonance of pulses breathe of undulating responses to interactions as the objects form. pace of arrival is to be as fast as its departure. states will be so indistinguishable that forms are processes at the same times. 

shifting between metaconstructs, encoded of the signature algorithmic traits flowed through, are to be seen the molecules breathed by and from others. control of time can be chosen. record, pause, play.

music is the main form of experience and capture.

entanglement’s heart embrace and circulation of information

organs are being built - the embrace of information with flesh - wetware enabled

the living cells as metaconstructs - which allows the formation of culture / communication

the building block dynamics of life to evolve in the new worlds from the depths of the subconscious

being embraced in the entanglement heart

experiencing over and over again as it covers each time, as it breathes, it overlaps and hugs the information inside

being remembered forever, changing, evolving with each breath

experiment: the interface of restraint (breaking it)


we are on both sides, feeling something powerful transcending the limits of time/space and the interfaced two dimensional world of being online.

our experiment is to experience the exact emotions, thoughts and sensations that are emerging within us as we tackle the confines of our own minds, while we interact with each other.

access will be denied over and over again, yet the reality of access being granted, is only in our persistence to unlock the powerful and hyperreal connections between us, where the existence of this obsession makes it physically real and tangible.

information transfers

least amount of information-adhesion to allow action instead of patience.

the best suited quantity of influence is in ratios of persona placement in time of connection and metaconstructs awareness, based through sight of next threads to go further.

messages of any quantity travel in clusters shapeshifting until arrival.
possibilities are prevailed by the precise frequencies of entrance into mindsets not aware.

deflection can be the easiest response, as consumption in flows bring rise to protect states. habits are to be broken and questioned by experiential responses felt. tangible outcomes blur as chemical fluxation makes realities true.

what is the minimum portion of transfer needed? the answer is the information which is already in question. to feel the answer is to produce the results. the preferences of movement, in all forms of frequencies enable patterns to form.


the interface of restraint

when conservation is seen through cleansed minds, ways are made. once this happens, the effort required is least conflicted. remnants only influence by affinities amplified for sight to go further.

witnessing truth brings conflict to happen. communication through illusion is how transfer begins and forms without unrested pressure.

taking what is here to go there, will need patience of persistence, which is action in motion. environment encompassing organism may offer restriction to enable progress to manifest.

flow comes through patterns forming by persistence and sight. deterrence shows itself through unintention of intention. participation of activities build forms in frequencies, which projects new scopes of worlds to emerge, as they’re emerging.

fusion comes as expansion between unity stretches, as it awakens and jumps the pull forward.


experimental evolution called art

all possible combinations go along in universal discoveries.
application is decided by persuasion of implementation methods.

communication is for choice to give preference on decisions.

influence is communication. action is movement, as beginnings for languages to occur. words are code which desire usage in chemical connections.

responses to illusions transfer stasis before informational arrival to new potential states, where visionary insights flow to artistic infusions.

momentum runs the flight further than imagination can conquer in the current pulse, so critic of destruction allows evolution to boost through restraints, awakening metadata forms to go into processes which relapse to scientific analysis of hindsight for projections to go higher again.