Why do most American TV shows and movies make Latin America seem like the hottest place in the universe that has an eternal yellow-tinge to it? Wind and rain still exists here, you know. And the sky is blue like every other place on the planet, smog not withstanding. 

You can’t even call it an artistic representation. It’s just annoying now. 

The medieval/christian obsession with virginity was ridiculous. I say this s a humble art history student baby, but listen. We were talking about why st. Anne, the mother of virgin Mary, became a saint and became a popular motive in paintings at some point in history.

Ok, so the thing is, they believed all people were sinners by default, because being conceived the *ehrmr* normal way, was, well, a sin. The Original Sin. Jesus, obviously, was ~*completely free from all sin*~, which is why his mother was a virgin. Mary, apparently, got pregnant from hearing God’s words. (One medieval painting depicts it as a dove flying into her ear, it’s beautiful.)

But Mary was such a good saint and so pure also?? NO because of the original sin! The only way to make her completely free from sin, was making her mother pregnant in a sinless way. So st. Anne also became a virgin mother!! whooo!!! But then… st. Anne… she is not truly free from sin, either, is she? Unless HER mother…

which is why there are some artistic deptictions out there of 4-5 generations of fatherless mothers + Jesus.

Full House Season 4: Episode 8 aired in 1990. This episode discusses body image, unhealthy eating behaviors, self-esteem, and the detrimental effects of eating disorders. It also touches on young girls wanting to look like “models in the magazines” because they are “beautiful.” 24 years later these models have become even thinner and more airbrushed than every before. Eating disorders have also risen in prevalence over the years, with individuals suffering from eating disorders getting younger and younger. If Full House could dedicate a whole episode to self-esteem, eating disorders, and body image in 1990, why can’t more current popular TV shows discuss the detrimental effects of this deadly disease? I know there are some TV shows and movies that have touched on the reality of eating disorders, but unfortunately what is much more prevalent are airbrushed models, advertisements selling diet pills, and tips in magazines on “how to loose 10 pounds” or other diet “tips and tricks” setting up unattainable standards for the large majority of the population. 

So, Kamen Rider Gaim’s main story is over now, and while we have the epilogue special next week, I thought I’d say a few words about the show overall and what it means to me as a fan of Kamen Rider, Tokusatsu, and Gen Urobuchi’s continuing path as a writer:

Gaim will have a special place in my heart occupied by only a few things, be they anime, manga, or games, in terms of the effect it’s had on my life. I’ve been able to meet some cool people because of it and I was able to see a Kamen Rider show in real time that was more to my own personal tastes then anything post Decade. The casting was great, the foreshadowing was smart, and while I don’t feel like they made good choices the entire way through (I feel like what they said Jounouchi was going to be like doesn’t add up to how he was executed in the show and evetually kinda phased out of the story, for example), but I feel like the  story all comes together at the end, and we get an ending that feels fitting and consistant with the themes the show has always had. The characters resonated with me in a way that few toku shows have managed to, the suits are among my top 5 Kamen Rider suit desgins now, and overall, the show made me completely reevaluate how I watch and rate tokusatsu shows. It’s not a perfect show, and while I’m a big fan of Gen Urobuchi’s writing and his shows/games (most of them anyway), he has written a few duds that will go unnamed here, and I know he has habits that need to be broken so that he can be a more effective storyteller. But given that this was his first live action effort and the only show he’s spent this long writing for, I think it’s gonna be a good place to go back and look on as he continues writing for anime and whatnot. It was a good way to strech his legs and try some different things as well as learn how to articulate some of his favorite ideas/tropes better. But the thing that sticks out the most to me with Gaim was the cast and how it was really a conflict of different ideologies/desires for a better future, and how no one had the single right answer, and how some people had good intentions but choose the wrong path (Kaito) or had good intentions but closed themselves off from the people around them, carried the burden alone, and didn’t think about doing anything beyond what needed to be done (Takatora, who as of this writing is still my favorite character in the series). So thank you, Kamen Rider Gaim, Thank You Toei, Thank You Gen Urobuchi, for bringing this work into existence . It was a great ride and while it got a bit bumpy, I’m happy with the end result, and it will be a show I look back on fondly in the coming years, and hopefully, someday, we can get some of the cast back together for something that isn’t a Movie Wars crossover. Cause I will want to see them all again one last time, and I know that with Kamen Rider, goodbyes aren’t always permenant. and if that makes me a sap or a sentimentalist, then I’m willing to take that. It was the sort of show I needed at this point in my life, and I will never forget it.


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some senpai come and tlel me a story preferably anything about oc teams 

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whats a good parallel to girls/flowers but for a guy team? 

FIOR needs some rivals/friends/ no bfs for now I’m taking that flower train to yuri town