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Always thought that John's worry over Sherlock's name being smeared by the media in TRF was due to basic empathy, but just realized there's more to it-- He's seen it done before, with another good friend who was destroyed by the media, who became a complete recluse, whose only interaction with people now are getting death threats from them. He knows someone who has never recovered from being publicly torn to shreds the way like that, and doesn't want to see it happen again.




So that’s the TWO images they decided to include, ONE AFTER THE OTHERr, in the video of the wedding photos on john’s blog. 

Not that Molly is John’s foil, that Tom is Mary’s foil and that Lestrade is Sherlock’s one, but Tom is Mary’s foil and Lestrade is Sherlock’s one and Molly sure didn’t stay engaged to Tom. 

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Just saw a post comparing what Joh said about the cabbie not being a good person and Mary saying that people like CAM should be killed as if it were the same thing...

I’ve seen posts like that, too, and really any attempt to morally equate these instances is ridiculous.

Like, okay, let’s talk about three characters who have shot someone: John, Mary, and Sherlock.

John first. He had his gun with him because Sherlock was working on a case involving a serial killer, and then John got kidnapped by someone he didn’t know at the time was NOT a villain, and then Sherlock hinted that they might be doing something dangerous. And then John finds Sherlock in a room with the serial killer who has killed four people and is attempting to kill Sherlock and John shoots him. It’s textually stated in the script that Sherlock doesn’t think John would be convicted for his actions.

Now Mary. She got caught doing something illegal while trying to hide her unsavory past and then shot an innocent man who was offering to help her because she was afraid of him outing her secret, which would force her to deal with unpleasant consequences. She then threatened this man in the hospital, then pursued him to his hiding place after he fled, where she threatened him again because she prefers killing an innocent person to having her husband find out she’s an assassin. She herself states that the stuff in her past is enough to get her imprisoned for life.

And last, Sherlock. He made a spontaneous choice to kill an unarmed man for the sake of John’s well-being, while accepting the fact that he himself was committing a heinous crime that would result severe consequences such as imprisonment or death, and he was prepared to accept these consequences for someone else’s sake.

IMO: John isn’t a murderer and is the least morally culpable of the three. Sherlock IS a murderer but was motivated by selfless reasons and was fully willing to accept the consequences for his choice. Mary is a murderer who is willing to murder for the sake of self-preservation, without thought for anyone else, and she is determined to avoid consequences by any means necessary.

These three situations cannot be equated unless a person’s entire overly simplistic criteria for comparison is “someone pulled a trigger and the bullet went into someone else.”

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

This moment is a really interesting one to me, where Loki dives to protect Jane when the Aether explodes, despite that they’ve hardly exchanged any words in the movie, they barely even look at each other.  Loki has no reason to care about Jane… aside from that she’s important to Thor.

I do think there’s some element of how Loki’s instincts are still good ones, to protect people, when he doesn’t have time to think about it, when he just reacts.  Not as much as there used to be, but it’s there.  That doesn’t mean he won’t still do horrible things, but you do have to hand it to him that he protects her twice, while Thor is turned away from them and wouldn’t have known if Loki had ducked the other way and let her face it or gotten killed.

You could argue that he did it because he knew Jane would tell Thor later (though, she doesn’t) or that he’s playing some other game, but I think that’s reaching.

Instead, I think he did it because he’s spent pretty much all of the trip to Svartalfheim needling Thor and trying to get reactions out of him and feeling the distance between them and finally getting called out on his bullshit, finally really feeling how distant Thor is from him, not just because of anger, but because he cannot trust Loki anymore, cannot allow Loki close to him anymore.  And, for all that Loki would never admit it, would push things all the harder because he doesn’t want to admit it even to himself, I think he misses Thor on a bone-deep level and so he instinctively dives to protect the person that he knows Thor cares about.

Loki’s gotten himself in deep emotional shit here, people are angry at him and he can’t just needle them out of it, he can’t make his “I’m a stinker, but you love me anyway, right? :>”  faces and skate out of it (despite that he would never let it end at that, either), this is where Loki works the best, I feel—when he actually has to work a little to regain some ground, when he’s not entirely trusted, but it’s clear that he’s still loved anyway.

And that’s why you see him dive to protect another person (twice!), despite that Loki doesn’t give a shit about Jane.  Because he wants to make it up to Thor, wants to do something to bring back Thor’s investment in him.  There’s no hard canon to what’s driving Loki in these moments, these are my interpretations, of course, but it makes absolutely perfect sense to me!

Arya and the Faceless Men: A Means to an End

The Arya reread thread on is so painful to even look at. Even the title, “Becoming No One”??? That’s not even how the Faceless Men training really works. This fandom notion that Arya is was being trained to forget her past and identity completely is so strange- it’s directly contradicted with the Waif imparting her story to Arya and the KM discussing her past with her in AFFC.

Also, how can anyone who read the books actually believe that her endgame, her point, her entire arc is leading up to becoming a non-person… Forget Westeros, the Others, whatever, one of the first conceived characters with more POV chapters than all but two other characters’ storyline is leading up to becoming a non-entity chillin in Braavos without ever affecting the greater plot. 

She’s not becoming no one, like seriously? All her chapters with the FM make that very clear even if you ignore all other issues with that idea.

People don’t seem to realize that even including the Mercy chapter, Arya has had more chapters with the Brotherhood Without Banners than the FM. And we know that her chapters in Braavos have been expanded, weren’t supposed to be as focused on. The time gap discussions GRRM has given has made it clear that what Arya’s learning is the focus- it’s a gateway to her plot purpose, not an endgame, or even that significant in the grand scheme of things.

He said the five-year hiatus is as dead as his plan to finish the series in a trilogy. While he would like to skip ahead to age the children (esp. Bran and Arya), he feels the back-story is too interesting and important. He needs to focus on their development. [source]

Their backstoryand developmentas in what is needed to lead up to something bigger and more important. It’s not the focus, it’s the lead in. 

GRRM: But what I soon discovered — and I struggled with this for a year — [the gap] worked well with some characters like Arya — who at end the of Storm of Swords has taken off for Braavos. You can come back five years later, and she has had five years of training and all that. [source]

The time gap works well for Arya who “has taken off for Braavos” and coming back to her five years later makes sense because it’s about her “training”.

George mentioned that he felt really silly about that planned 5 year jump. He… realized that the adults wouldn’t wait in their plot lines for Arya to hit puberty. [source]

The adults as opposed to Arya had plotlines in the time gap. Arya’s plotline is actually on hold right now by being in Braavos.

It worked for characters like Arya and Dany but not so much for the adults or those who had a lot of action coming… “If a twelve-year old has to conquer the world, then so be it.” [source]

Braavos doesn’t even count as action coming, it’s once again a lead into Arya’s action. That’s why it was something that worked with skipping. And I think the twelve-year old but is self-explanatory, but seriously think about what GRRM is saying here- if it worked for Jon, Cersei, and the rest, he would be easily able to brush over Braavos and move Arya’s storyline into the real “conquer the world”-ish action and point. Because Braavos is just a part of Arya’s development, not her actual action/plot purpose.

[For example], things that Arya is learning. The things Bran is learning. Learning is not inherently an interesting thing to write about. It’s not an easy thing to write about. In the movies, they always handle it with a montage. Rocky can’t run very fast. He can’t catch the chicken. But then you do a montage, and you cut a lot of images together, and now only a minute later in the film, Rocky is really strong and he is catching the chicken.

It’s a lot harder [in real life]. Sometimes in my own life, I wish I could play a montage of my life. I want to get in shape now. So let’s do a montage, and boom — I’ll be fifty pounds lighter and in good shape, and it will only take me a minute with some montage of me lifting weights and running, shoving away the steak and having a salad. But of course in real life, you don’t get to montage. You have to go through it day by day. [source]

The truth is that while her time in Braavos is influential for Arya’s growth and certainly important for her developing a skill set that will have an impact later, it was always meant to be glossed over with the time gap. It was supposed to be something not important enough to focus on but instead referenced when we check back in years later. The skills Arya learns are the purpose, not Arya’s affiliation with the FM. 

GRRM even compares Arya’s training (and Bran’s) with a “training montage” type of scenario in movies. It’s supposed to be about the development, the learning and training, not the actual experiences and connections. It’s for a greater and later purpose.

People greatly overestimate and obsess over Arya’s connection with the FM. This is just a part of her journey, the same way Harrenhal was for her. This idea that Arya’s arc has been somehow leading up to it is at odds with what GRRM has been telling us as well as the text itself. 


I have always had this theory that Derek was always meant to be a Beta. Before the fire he was trained to be a second-in-command and he’d be under Laura. It’s been my reasoning for him being so bad at being an alpha, but stepping up so well to help Scott and be a second-in-command beta, who teaches Scott so many things. I’ve always imagined that Packs have a democratic layout where the Alpha has a lot to deal with so there’s beta’s who do some of the footwork, research, etc, in order to keep everything running smoothly. It also explains why Derek is so well educated beyond a standard 25 year old, why he knows so much about a variety of supernatural beings. I’ve always just enjoyed the thought that he was meant to be a knowledgable beta who would help his alpha.

So with that said, I feel like his evolution has a lot to do with embracing his true path in life. Not to compare him to Scott and Scott becoming a True Alpha, but maybe Derek finally coming into being the black wolf is him coming into his true place as a werewolf and in a pack. He was trying to save his alpha. His only worry, as he was laying on the floor dying, was for everyone to get into the cave and save Scott. That is a huge change compared to Season One Derek, who killed Peter instead of letting Scott do it (which wasn’t really discussed again in depth, but I got the impression one of the reasons was the fear of a 15 year old boy being his alpha).

I really enjoyed his transformation. i was very excited about it. I do wish they’d have elaborated more on the why and how, but maybe we’ll get lucky and that’s something they’ll discuss in a nice little Scerek scene in the beginning of Season five. Until then though, I like to think Derek’s evolution was him accepting his place as a werewolf.

Note: gifs are not mine.

Last March, I went to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” with Byrne Holloway Marston. He’s named for all three of his parents. He’s eighty-three. He’s a retired obstetrician. He’s also a movie buff. He’s optimistic about Gal Gadot, though he thinks that Jennifer Lawrence would have made a tip-top Wonder Woman. “She’s good enough to soften it up,” he says.

Captain America and Wonder Woman are about the same age. He made his début in 1940. They’ve aged differently, the Boy Scout and the bombshell. Captain America is so hard to update that Marvel decided to have him frozen in 1945 and awakened in 2011. A guy he meets while out for a run on the Washington Mall asks him what’s different about now versus 1945. “No polio is good,” he says.

Warner Bros. is unlikely to release a film in which Wonder Woman is frozen in time in 1941, in order to call attention to what’s changed for women, and what’s not, when she’s defrosted. She’d have to take stock, and what could she say about what women have got? Breast pumps and fetal rights instead of paid maternity leave and equal rights? Longer hours instead of equal pay? Aphrodite, aid me! Lean in? Are you kidding? Batman vs. Superman? Suffering Sappho.

—  (x)
Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

Jesus Christ, this fucking moment.  The actual and entirely real fear on Loki’s face always gets me, as he’s being sucked into that detonating dark matter bomb (or whatever it is) and there’s no way he can break away from it, it’s lifting him up off the ground and there’s absolutely nothing to hold onto and he absolutely would have been sucked into that thing and crushed if Thor hadn’t saved him.

And, ugh, I have approximately eighty different feelings about how Thor saves Loki, like… this isn’t like what happened on the Bifrost, the feeling of falling versus being sucked horizontally into something are completely different, but goddamn.

Thor was able to save him this time.  For all the tragedy that happens afterwards, Thor still saved Loki in this moment, he didn’t hesitate, he was fast enough, he got there in time, he knocked them both out of the range of that dark matter bomb despite its incredible power.

They don’t really have time to process it, Thor really only has time to glance over and make sure Loki’s okay before they have more enemies to fight, and he can’t really think much on it later, because Loki will be “dead” by then, but this was still a moment that gave me a lot of feelings because it’s everything they used to be!  They used to be a team, you’ll never take that away from me, so when Loki gets into something he can’t claw his way out of on his own, that’s when his big brother is there to save him.

Despite the scrambling, clawing, awful terror of that moment, to be sucked into a dark matter bomb and you can’t do anything to pull yourself out of it or zip yourself away or even dig your fingers into something to hold on, imagine the solidity of Thor slamming into you and knocking you to safety, so that you’re pulled free of that thing’s gravity. Imagine, in that moment, that Loki was saved by Thor in a way that must have happened a thousand times before so, even if they’re at odds for so much of the time now, in that moment, they were brothers again, Thor had his eye on Loki and just absolutely DOVE to save him because he never wants Loki dead, and YOU CANNOT TAKE THAT FROM ME.

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i understand if you don't have the time or energy to answer but i thought i'd ask. how do you keep your patience and resolve up? I run a blog for queer meta, support, and interpretations stanning for a legit queer reading of a popular character in an incredibly homophobic fandom (Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead) and the amount of hate that my friends and i get can be truly daunting at times. we've all been driven offline or to tears at points. got any advice for keeping our chins up?

I’m really sorry to hear you’re having to deal with that! I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask because while I do get a lot of hate, it doesn’t effect me. Like, to the extent that people think I’m weird, because part of me finds it hilarious and actually likes it.

I can explain why it doesn’t effect me, and maybe that will help some, but it’s the sort of thing I suspect is easy to understand but harder to internalize. Emotional stuff tends to be that way. So I’ll do my best, just accept that if you’re bothered by it right now, you’ll probably be bothered by it for quite a while as it gradually… stops bothering you so much, I guess. Unless I fail entirely in helping you, which is a possibility!

So… thinking on it, a lot of things factor in to why haters don’t bother me, and I’m just gonna have to throw them all out there in no particular order.

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BBC Sherlock and Marriage

My original plan behind this meta was to go through every single episode and look for marriage references, but I have a busy work schedule so this will just have to rely on my memory.  Readers are encouraged to fill in any holes or missing observations as my memory is merely human and will most certainly be flawed.  Here goes.

Observation: BBC Sherlock presents a negative perception of wedded bliss.  There is a grand total of two happy couples in the entirety of the show.  One gay couple who runs an Inn in Dartmoor and Sherlock’s parents.  TJLC reading of this is that John and Sherlock are living in a world where relationships are unsuccessful and have very little anecdotal evidence that revealing their feelings for one another will end well for them.  But the two positive influences in their lives show a glimmer of hope.  A couple that mirrors them outwardly in Sherlock’s parents.  And a pairing who reflects their potential future as a couple who works successfully together.  Both showing balanced partnerships.

Data: This is the part that gets long so here comes the read more…

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Sorting the Avengers into Hogwarts Houses


Okay so this is actually kinda difficult and I’m probably gonna get shit for it (what else is new) but idc bc this is my opinion okay

Which houses do the avengers belong in? It’s not an easy thing to answer, bc they’re all open to interpretation but I’m going to try and sort them according to how i see them…kinda


Okay so, who is in Slytherin?


Natasha. She’s smart, quick, adaptive and sly. She’s capable of brutality and of subtly. She’s not evil and she acts out of a belief that she must right her wrongs. But I see her as a snake bc of her determination, her intelligence, ability and the fact that unlike other avengers she’ll sacrifice her own morals to complete a mission.


Tony.This one is something I’ve debated with Aggie actually bc he could be a Ravenclaw too (he’s not a Gryffindor bc he hates the rules) but he’s got that ruthless streak that it seems is common in Slytherins. not only that I’d imagine he’d come from a prospective, influential family - kinda like the Malfoy’s but… better? - so he’d probably be expected to follow the family tradition. of course, when I think about this i can see him going for a house his dad hates just to piss him off bc, let’s face it, Tony would totally do that.


On to the next house; Hufflepuff.

After some deliberation (read:arguing) Aggie and I kinda agreed that there are three people who are likely Hufflepuff members. 


Pepper. She’s an avenger to me bc where Tony goes she follows (except into Slytherin though she could fit in there well). I’ve put her in Hufflepuff for the simple reason that she’s a good, kind, gentle and hard working person. She doesn’t treat people like trash (unless they’re dicks) and she’s incredibly considerate and hates confrontation, though she’ll sort it out pretty efficiently… actually, the more I’m writing this the more I’m thinking she might be Ravenclaw except she’s not so bothered with position or knowledge, she cares about feelings.

Clint. In the comics Clint is literally what I envision a Hufflepuff to be. Determined, hard working, generally a hilarious fail on occasion (I love him okay) and someone who will do anything for someone he cares about, or even a general stranger. In the movie universe he’s more Iavenclaw bc of how smart he is, he is smart okay stfu, but he’s also smart in the comics (it’s usually overshadowed by his comic relief). So I see him as a Hufflepuff that doesn’t have a problem getting between a Slytherin and a Hryffindor about to rip each other’s throats out. Or standing up to the giant squid and telling it jokes in order to give back students.


Bucky. Now this one was hard. Tbh Aggie and I both see Bucky as fitting in in both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw as well as Hufflepuff but I’ve decided to not put him in Gryffindor bc, even though he’s a do-good type, he’s more laid back than Steve and reluctant to go to war. Heck he had to get drafted in the movie verse, and in the comics he was raised in a rigid structure. Sure he’s a bit impulsive and stuff, but he doesn’t seem to be that big a fan of authority. Idk… he could fit in Gryffindor perfectly fine but I feel like it’d constrict him in a way it wouldn’t Steve.


We’ll move on to Gryffindor since I’ve talked about it so damned much (wow Kathryn).

Steve. There’s no real issue with putting Steve in Gryffindor except maybe the fact that he’s not exactly a big fan of following the rules… when prodded by Tony or Bucky. He’d fit in pretty well since he is impulsive (going to war anyone?) and bc he has such a rigid moral code (“this is wrong”). Of course he could again fit into Ravenclaw and he has shown some sneaky traits that are pretty befitting of Slytherin, and he’s also adverse to hurting people and slacking off so Hufflepuff is possible. but again I see Steve as being pretty much like Tony, expected to end up in Gryffindor so he does. even though he has potential to be in other houses (okay maybe not Slytherin, his housemates would probably kill him).

EDIT:: Thor. (I forgot him omfg) Thor is obviously a Gryffindor for the simple reason that he is noble, has a lot of valour, is determined that he knows what is right (look at how he treats Jotuns and behaves with the warriors three jfc Thor). he’s a bit obnoxious but it’s a jovial type (idk) which just screams Gryffindor to me instead of Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I mean it’s possible he could be a Hufflepuff but, tbh Thor loves a good fight way too much to make a good Hufflepuff. he’d be the lone Hufflepuff constantly in detention whereas in Gryffindor they’d just sigh and write him off with the rest of his house.


And lastly Ravenclaw.

Bruce. Of course. of course Bruce would be in Ravenclaw.I mean he could be in Hufflepuff too but I honestly see Bruce as someone who’d thrive in Ravenclaw with it’s emphasis on learning. He’d probably love it, the daily riddles, the interesting debates with his housemates…. especially since they’re basically the only ones that don’t mind that he’s a werewolf (it’s not like he can be a giant green rage monster in Hogwarts… but a werewolf is possible).




Someone is probably going to complain at me for something in this, by all means do so, just don’t be a dick about it bc no one deserves that.

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

First of all, holy shit, you may only be able to see it for a moment (which I capped as best I could), but not only can you see the muscle of Thor’s arm, but you can see where Loki’s dagger supposedly sliced through bone.  Jfc.

Second.  This did not fool me for one solitary second, because I might believe that they would cut off Thor’s left hand, but his right?  No way in hell.  They barely know what to do with Thor as it is, they’re not going to make him lose his Mjolnir swinging hand!  But still it gave me the reaction that they wanted, that jolting JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE SHIT JUST HAPPENED reaction.

Third.  If you ask me to believe—even with a magically enchanted dagger (which we don’t know that that actually is, we see no charms put on it or anything)—that Loki could just chop right through Thor’s arm, I am going to scoff right in your face.  Even if it wasn’t Thor, chopping through limbs really, really is not that easy.  Also, THOR.  THE GUY WHO SHRUGS OFF A STABBING LIKE “EH, WHATEVER” AND GOES BACK TO LIGHTING UP CHITAURI LEVIATHANS.  (Also, there would be a shitload more blood or else the wound would have had to have been cauterized.  ALSO THOR.)

Fourth.  This is one of the few times that we see Loki cast an illusion that didn’t have the green flash first, but it does have it when Loki dismisses it. This is an interesting point of contention about whether or not Loki’s magic is dismissed by touching it and, personally, I maintain that that’s how it works, because you can see that Thor doesn’t actually touch the space where his hand is still hidden.  He grabs the vambrace beneath where the illusion is, so he wouldn’t actually be touching it.

Fifth.  Jane is not in on the plan to have Loki cut off Thor’s hand and likely not in on any of the plan.  They would have had time to tell her, while they were climbing up the mountain on their way to Makelith and the Ark, but they didn’t.  Which always struck me as… if you really care about someone and they’re really important to you, wouldn’t you let them in on the plan?  Especially when they’re right in the middle of it?

I’m not coming down on Thor for this, it may well have been that he decided not to tell her because she already had enough to worry about, it may have been because she was out for most of the discussion and he didn’t feel they had time to fill her in, it could just be that his protective instincts were in overgear, where he would take care of the whole thing and then she wouldn’t have to deal with remembering/acting her part.

But I find it interesting that this is yet another example of how Loki is closer to Thor than the woman Thor is in a relationship with.  Yes, he was necessary to the plan and Jane seems to totally understand that Thor was busy with other things, rather than telling her the plan, but it still struck me that Thor brought Loki in on this, but not Jane.

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Ӝ Leo? :]

Gender: Alpha male. Less overtly macho than Raphael, but definitely pretty fucking macho. 
Sexuality: Straight, but pretty focused on not dwelling on it. Largely tries to affect disinterest, monk-like discipline around the issue; given the circumstances of their lives he figures this is the best approach and helps him keep focused on what’s really important: being the bestest best ninja evaaaar and keeping his family safe.
Romantic: WITH THAT SAID, if Leo ever does fall in love, be prepared for a completely non-traditional and extremely intense form of romance. He’ll adore you, quietly, fiercely and without any sort of showiness or sense of cliche. Leo is the guy who would trek to the ends of the earth to fetch you the world’s rarest flower on top of the tallest, snowiest, stormiest mountain ater battling dragons, giants, demons and ghosts, then simply hand it to you with a smile. Leo is not into PDA, at all. If you need a little reassurance in public now and then this might be hard to deal with. He’ll compromise by giving your hand a squeeze now and then or placing a hand on your shoulder and in such a way that you are instantly comforted. Later on, when you are alone, he’ll make love to you so fiercely you weep. He’ll always tell you he loves you before he leaves your side for any length of time, but not really at any other point. But you’ll always know he does. He’s considerate and thoughtful, almost to a fault, but can be a fucking pain in the ass during a fight - either because he’s being too fair or because he’s being selfish and unreasonable (yes he is more than capable of both these things, he is very bloody-minded). He can be distant at times, even unreachable, if he has a particular goal in mind or a sense of duty to fulfill. He can need a little tough love now and then. But most of the time he is an immensely stable, loving and devoted partner… just don’t get between him and his family. You will probably lose and not because he loves you less.

Musketeers Meta: 17th century eating habits in France

A follow-up of this post about 17th century French cuisine : crabsandlobsters asked me (a long time ago, but I’m only publishing this now) how many meals the people in the 17th century took per day, as part of her research for her Musketeers fic Ascendant. So here’s my answer to her, because I think it can be of help to other people who are writing Musketeers (or 17th-century France in general?) fic :

It seems there’s no completely set rule — I’m gonna digress a bit: for example, in Ancient Greece, it’s reported they had four meals a day, but intellectuals mainly ate one decent meal a day, with a very light meal in the morning that could barely be called that, while people who worked physically hard ate three meals a day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening much like we do.

In 17th century France, two meals a day seems about right indeed, and then you eat whatever you want in between when you are hungry and/or when you have the means to, kind of like hobbits I suppose (those in-betweens are what’s called in France “collation” or “en-cas”, in good bourgeois houses/aristocracy/royalty, “en-cas” were generally at the ready, especially for the night. Louis XIV, for example (who was Louis XIII’s son of course) during his reign had “en-cas” of three little bread rolls, water and wine always around and fresh). Dietary concerns about restricting the intake of food to three meals a day is, I think, a modern notion, even though regularity and not indulging in excess was certainly considered virtuous (but that dates back even to ancient times, greed is generally frowned upon).

Breakfast is called “déjeuner”, and it’s the first meal of the day, generally in the morning, and then you had a second meal around noon/in the middle of the afternoon (le “dîner”). It’s only at the end of the 18th century that that second meal is pushed back to the end of the afternoon/beginning of the evening, and around the same time that first meal of the day was split into two, the “petit-déjeuner” in the morning, and the “déjeuner” around noon.

(but, again, I think that’s mainly in the city and it depends on what was your occupation. In rural areas, for example, it’s more probable, according to what I read, that they had three meals a day, “déjeuner” in the morning, “dîner” around noon, and then “souper” at night — as the name indicates, a meal mainly based on soup)

It might amuse you to know that our good Louis XIII was reported by his doctor to have copious breakfasts in the morning, once, for example, made of ham and boar pâté, and pan-seared chicken in white sauce. His son Louis XIV was more frugal later on; apparently he only took either two cups of herbal tea or vegetable broth (from vegetables that had boiled all night) at 9 in the morning.

The taste for sweet things in the morning was developped in 17th century too; coffee and chocolate (chocolate was a drink approved by Jesuits during fasting periods, it was considered “lean”) started to replace milk and broth, and like I said in my post 17th century is the century of jam, and they sarted having that in the morning too.

So I guess to answer your question, they can eat pâté or roast in the morning and pâté or roast around noon without much differentation between the two meals I guess, certainly, but it’s in this century where lunch tends to be more savoury than what’s eaten in the morning. And concerning the quantity of food on each meal (either a lot in the morning or not), I suppose it depends on the person like with Louis XIII and Louis XIV

[ crabsandlobsters then had another question specifically about Athos and breakfast, here’s my answer]

I think Athos would probably skip breakfast, yes; especially after drinking all night, I’m not much of a drinker myself but I guess breakfast is not the first thing on your mind and you tend to skip it especially in a century where you don’t have the kind of soft/relatively sweet or neutral food you have in modern times, but stronger flavours, tougher textures. At the garrison… that might be another matter; if their training/day starts early in the morning, young musketeers might need something to hold (again, more physical effort=more meals in the day). In the show though it seems Athos and the others tend to report in quite late and/or whenever they want, and I guess they don’t need to train so much. Sorry for the digression, what I wanted to say was that breakfast is probably available at the garrison, something like boiled cereals with vegetables and/or coarse bread made with rye and wheat with broth or milk, if only for the young recruits, but probably not the fancy type with chocolate and jam that I was talking about.

A thing I don’t get though is…

Narusaku ship it even though in their version of events, Naruto spends years pining after Sakura while she loves someone else, and then randomly swaps over to him at the last minute.

If in the Last we find out she swaps over after years more, they would still ship it.

Narusaku ship it even though the four tails Naruto almost killed Sakura with his tail, and he almost rasengan’d her in the face before

If Naruto went crazy and tried to kill her again, or if he accidentally harmed her in the fight with Sasuke, they’d still ship her with him because he’s the main character.

So what’s the point of asking Naruhina why they ship Hinata/Naruto when she’s spent so long ‘unrequited’ or asking Sasusaku if they’ll still keep shipping it if ‘he tries to hurt/kill her again’?

If the answer for you is ‘yes’, don’t ask a stupid question of someone else.

rain-proof wrote a bit about 1796 Broadway coming to an end this morning, and I’ve been waiting to do it all day.

A year ago, I wrote an in-character letter to rain-proof as a little encouragement boost when she was having trouble with her fic.  I don’t, as a rule, write fic.  I wrote some short fics when I was in Hogwarts Elite, but those were never more than a few thousand words, and usually under 1000.  I don’t read fic, either.  It’s not an objection or dislike or anything— I just don’t read a lot in general.  But I’d heard so much about, and felt so invested in, Rain’s current fic, that I wanted to do something for her.

Then people started asking if there would be a reply.  The idea of a reply didn’t make sense— I didn’t want to hijack her story.  But— and I don’t remember which of us suggested it first— we started talking about writing together.

It wasn’t the first time we’ve talked about writing together.  Once, back in 2007 or 2008, we even went so far as to set up a forum to write a story about magic-users in a sort of 19th century curio shop.  But we wrote for a day and then got too wrapped up in our roleplaying game.  We role-played together quite a bit— until our two characters turned out to be too sensible for the plot and literally got up and left the story.  

But something about this clicked.  I don’t know if it was the interplay, the necessity of replies, the fun of the subject matter being superheroes we both loved from different angles and different entry points in the canon, but it worked. 

The rarity of finding a creative partner who is so entirely on the same page with you, who wants to tell the same kinds of stories in the same kinds of ways, and whose weaknesses and strengths complement your own weaknesses in strengths in such a way that you’re better together than you are working on your own is amazing.  It’s something I’ve looked for so many times and never quite found the right fit.  And as someone who is at my essence a social creature, who doesn’t do well approaching anything alone, creative partners who work are something I have always yearned for. 

Somehow, whatever we did together…I don’t know why, but people responded in a way that exceeded our wildest dreams.  Our story drew a following, people who read it every morning, people who commented and discussed and speculated and puzzled out the clues to the plot.  And the more people got involved, the more we wanted to make the story better, because now we had an audience, and we wanted to deserve their attention and praise, we wanted to give them more things to discuss…

It spiraled, but it spiraled in the best way, and somehow, from an epistolary fanfic, a group of readers built an amazing community.

I feel so grateful and so humbled that this resulted from a story I was responsible for.  A year ago, I was feeling pretty bad about myself, and seeing that this was something I could do for other people made all the difference in the world.  I am honestly so overwhelmed. 

I got up at 7:30 and posted the last chapter, a routine I’ve held for nearly a year now, of posting as soon as I get up, of setting weekend alarms.  We never once missed a day, in 361 days.  

It took hours for it to sink in, that it’s over, that I’m not going to have all the people who have followed along with us for a year, who have been so generous with their thoughts and their time, to poke at me with quips and questions, with glee and tears and everything in between.  It’s like coming down from a high, it’s the precipitous drop after an adrenaline rush.  

But I know this isn’t the end, even if it’s the end of this story.  I learned so much from our readers about storytelling, about our perceptions of characters, and the broad spectrum of possibilities for how the same lines can be read in so many different ways.   So it’s an opportunity for more, for new, for better.

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has read the story, commented on the story, recommended the story, written work inspired by the story, contacted me over private message or email, or even just listened to me babble or vent about the story.  My life is richer for having you in it, and I can’t begin to express what it means to have so many people take such an interest in a fanfiction.  When you’re doing something like this with no expectation of compensation, the interaction and community— which are really the reasons I’m in fandom to begin with— are absolutely the most important thing.  Thank you all.  If any of you ever have questions about what we did or how we did it, or want advice, or just want to chat, or who knows, please never hesitate to hit me up. 

This was an incredibly special and unique experience, and I know it won’t be duplicated in my life.  It was an absolute gift.  

And Rain?  If you’ll allow me to reverse roles for a moment,  I’m not as good at—at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth.

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I love that second cap.  I love it so much.  The look on Jane’s face is the same look I had when getting a look at the horror that is Loki’s hair in this scene.  Seriously, tho.  Sometimes he is such a pretty little shit and other times… just… wtf happened to you, pretty baby?

Okay, so the “Loki of Jotunheim” line.  I have mixed feelings on it, actually. While I’m glad they mentioned Jotunheim at all, it’s clearly such a throwaway line, meant to be all wink-wink-nudge-nudge and I’m pretty sure this whole conversation wasn’t scripted between Thor and Loki, it was more, “Make him think you’re betraying us and offering us up to him.  Wing it from there.”, so he pulled out the first thing he could think of, it doesn’t actually mean anything that Loki says he’s of Jotunheim.

Because there’s no way in hell that would actually consider himself of Jotunheim—beyond the first reveal of it and how it crumbles his self-identity, Loki really doesn’t address the whole Frost Giant thing, so much as he’s really, really pissed off about the adopted thing.  Aside from this one mention and the ice beast when they’re realm hopping, Jotunheim isn’t referenced anywhere in the movie.

Part of me is disappointed with that—they made so much other fanon into canon!  Why not deal with that, too??  Except canon Loki really, really is shoving the whole Frost Giant thing away from himself as HARD AS HE CAN, he doesn’t want to be associated with it at all—this is why “Loki Laufeyson” for movie!Loki doesn’t work for me at all, because he so clearly hates everything to do with the Jotnar and he especially fucking loathed Laufey—and focusing instead on the adopted part of the reveal.

But part of me is also glad about it, because I’m pretty sure I don’t trust the MCU to actually go anywhere interesting with Jotunn!Loki, not in the amount of time they would have or the direction they would take.  Better to leave it to fic than to try to cram it into a Thor movie.

That said, I’m still a little sad faced about not getting to see Jotunn!Loki, even though a) Loki would rather die than shift to Jotunn form and b) I know it’s a pain in the ass to get that makeup put on.  Whatever, I WANTED JOTUNN!LOKI JUST FOR A MOMENT.

lessthanaprettyface said:

Ӝ Donnie!

Gender: Male. But not aggressively so. Not a macho guy. Definitely not an alpha. Not beta or omega either. Just him. Just Donnie.  I wouldn’t say he particularly has any effete qualities but he has little time for macho posturing or shows of machismo.
Sexuality: Straight. Uncomplicated about it. He’s given it a lot of thought. Because that’s the nature of who he is and because without much opportunity to actually explore it, he wants to understand it as best he can. I think he’d been willing to experiment if the circumstances were right but ultimately he reads pretty straight to me.
Romantic: Yes, quite traditionally and sweetly so. Donnie gets way caught up in his work but having a partner he loves - particularly one who he can either share his work with or who is just as curious as he is - will be the element that motivates him to involve himself in the real world and making that person happy, reminding that person he loves them, that they make a difference in his life, will be something that gives him pleasure. His romantic behaviour will run the gamut from traditional flowers to practical and deeply thoughtful gestures, like programming the time on the DVD player. Despite his seeming logical and dispassionate nature, he gets butterflies at the thought of indulging in sweet romance with a loved one and in this way he shows his dreamier side. He plays it close to his chest though - he likes to keep it personal and sacred between he and his partner. He doesn’t mind mild gestures of PDA - hand holding, an arm around his sweetheart - but he won’t go further than that. Once he’s secure, he has no problem saying ‘I love you’. He’ll say it easily, to the point it seems to lose meaning and that will provoke his contemplation, his effort to rediscover it, leading to him putting more thought into it and what about his partner he loves and that will set those butterflies stirring again and prompt a romantic interlude. If anything, this habit of his - deep absorption followed by distraction - could mean he feels inconsistent at times which could be hard to deal with, but his feelings are constant and a gentle probing refocuses his attention with appropriate remorse.

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taking a tiny break from my maleval love to talk about this scene


because this scene isn’t in the novelization, so it has to be something that they wrote, filmed, and then decided to cut

and this one scene, this ONE SCENE, gives more insight into stefan’s character than either the novelization or the movie ever did

"what am I willing to sacrifice? who am I willing to sacrifice?”

it’s not that he was always teeth-gnashingly evil from the get-go, which is heavily implied by the novelization. it’s not that being among humans somehow corrupted him, as implied by the movie. this is stefan doing what he thinks is necessary, and he thinks that being evil is a prerequisite to being king.

now, okay, we’ve got a leader saying that the key to success is to to have a firm vision for what you want and be ruthless in pursuing it, and to be willing to make hard decisions and sacrifice others, regardless of their relationship to you. hmmm, what does that remind me of?

this scene is essentially one sociopath giving advice to another sociopath. WHY DID THEY CUT THIS SCENE?