I was told yesterday that my photography has an “edgy & dramatic” feel to it. It’s funny how I prefer other styles, yet people prefer my style.

This photo is for my friends Fashion portfolio. She goes to Uni for fashion design, and kindly asked if I would take photos for her. I felt so bad for my friends sister who was modeling though. We were down in the subway, at night & the clothing was thin as tissue paper. Poor girl. She was freezing when we got home.

ps. this is the picture I spent forever on. It was pissing me off that the top of the pole was wider than the bottom. lmao I’m too much of a perfectionist sometimes.

Guess who has finally updated her flickr in months!?!

ME. I know, surprising. I’m just so excited about these photo’s I took with film. They’re so lovely! :) Click the photo to see more! (ok well one more, but I’ll be updating my flickr more often.)

*side note - this was taken in Utah last summer. my gorgeous cousin Sam is the model.

Hey, Steph. Remember that time you painted a picture

of that Mitchel Davis photograph for Grade 12 art class? Remember how you spent three full days staring at that damn thing, and how the hands turned out all wonky looking?

It still looks funny, and you haven’t painted anything in three years.

Facts of Life

It’s a love/hate relationship with that painting. I’m proud of the end product, however little things like the “claw” hands & chipping hair (In my rush to finish, I forgot to mix in thinner) still bother me. Oh well, c’est la vie.