The Vampire Diaires 2x16 “The House Guest” (Katherine telling Damon she chose Stefan)

Damon: You wanna help? Start talking.

Katherine: I’d love to, but you’re not going to like it.

Damon: Try me.

Katherine: Fine. John Gilbert and Isobel want you and Stefan out of Elena’s life.

Damon: That’s old news.

Katherine: Not the part where he offered me a deal. He knew that killing Elijah would get me out of the tomb, so he gave me a choice. Either I stay and help with Klaus, or he kills Stefan.

Damon: But he still tried to have me killed.

Katherine: Right. That was part of the deal. I could only save one of you.

Damon: So you chose Stefan. Of course you did.

Katherine: You wanted the truth, Damon. Would you rather I lie?