1974, April 28th - Queen photographied at Massachusetts State House, Boston Common and around Beacon Street during their USA tour with Mott the Hoople. The information comes from an article of Japanese magazine Music Life issued in July 1974, with no credit about the photographer. Some of the pics where sold in calendars and other promotion goods of Sheer Heart Attack, probably Japan only.


 I need to sing this under the window of my louis

Lestat - Damned

After Freddie died I went on a whole journey of regarding what I was singing as more important than what I played. Partly beause I didn’t want anyone else to sing those songs after Freddie,but partly as a challenge to see if I could express myself properly, but not through the guitar. It was a long and painful process and there were joyful bits, but the conclusion I came to, somewhat reluctantly, was the moment I stepped away from the microphone and started to play the guitar, that was the moment people went, Yippee! So I slowly realised that things have developed the way they should have done - that I should always have been the guitarist. In some ways that’s hard, but I love to sing and I do regard vocals as the backbone of what Queen were doing. I always spend weeks and weeks on the vocal and the arrangement and then it’s, Oh, let’s play some guitar. And it’s done in half an hour, it sounds good, and it sounds like me.
—  Brian May
Poisoned by Dental Amalgam in Coffee

A nurse was reprimanded for several occurrences. Her response: poison the boss. 

The office manager noticed her coffee had a strange flavor to it and poured it out, finding some gray goo, but she didn’t think much of it until she suffered from stomach cramps and sickness. After x-rays revealed metal flakes, the obvious conclusion was mercury ingestion. 

The most likely source of the metal was from a mercury amalgam, the silver filling dentists use, dumped directly into the coffee. 

The nurse thinks she was set up by the evil coworkers who dislike her ‘by-the-book’ attitude. 

These amalgams are inexpensive and routinely used in fillings. Only low levels are known to leech from the alloy when the filling is installed. They are considered safe because inorganic mercury doesn’t pose a great risk to humans through consumption. It’s usually passed without problem, but high concentrations can cause complications in the kidney. By consuming the whole lump, the concentrations may be high enough, and, if nothing else, consuming a lump of metal is bound to upset a stomach. (How many people would be clam about swallowing a filling anyway?)