micah - gr9est blog also 32% tumblr crush r u kidding - "if its popsicle its possible"

alex - ✞☯softest grunge☯✞ - "it’s like a zero percent chance but that’s better than nothing"

alanna -cutest cutie + happy ball of sunshine - "^_^"

cemi -  A+ cosplay and one piece appreciation - "done piece" 

jacob -best eyebrows - "i am a calicorn"

jack - best dave strider’s thong - hey girl wonk

this list would have a lot more people but im lazy so here u go xoxo merry blogmas ♥

Okay, I wasn’t going to do one of these just because I’m far too lazy but I follow too many amazing blogs to not. 

We’re so close to New Years, it’s unbelievable! I mean, I feel like it was just January 1st of 2010 yesterday. This year has been amazing and, even though I’ve only been on Tumblr for half of it, I’ve talked to some great people and followed some amazing blogs. Every single person on here is fantastic no matter their fandom or ships or whatever. So, here you have my Follow Forever 2k11 in no particular order.

lokisatcamphalfblood ☃ lilybells ☃ littlenim ☃ Blainechristmason ☃ merryquinsmas ☃ marziiporn ☃ nursejoey ☃ camer0nhummel ☃ jellyfilledcondoms ☃ hanschenwarblerlove ☃ kurchel ☃ muchacha11 ☃ crisstletoe ☃ kissedmequiteinsane ☃ ifellintopieces ☃ leasarfalalati ☃ nayatolove ☃ manyminimincepies ☃ fortheloveoffaberry ☃ underwater-kisses ☃ blaineandersons ☃ lukecastellan ☃ abelfrustration ☃ gurlieluvesklaine ☃ always-a-warbler

And these people should just marry me right now:

amazingacademy ☃ agentw ☃ felldowntherabbithole ☃ rikerr5 ☃ curtismega

Okay, well there you have it! Everyone I follow deserves to be on the list but that would take me ten years and a day to list. <3 Happy Holidays Everyone!