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i dont want to make a follow forever thing but its christmas and all that so here are the people i enjoy talking to and they actually have good blogs so go follow them pls

[if we dont talk much and you’re on this list i suppose it’d be nice for you to know that i consider us kind of friends in a weird way that i love you lots even if you don’t love me back and i’m totally fine with that]

frnkiero-deactivated20131115 said:

✉ you gay ily

You are:

[] Cute
[x] Adorable
[x] Beautiful
[x] Sexy
[x] askjdgfj

If you kissed me I would:

[x] Kiss you back
[] Be shocked
[] Smile and laugh
[] Push you away
[] Slap you

If you asked me out I would say:

[] No
[x] Yes
[] I dont know

Can we cuddle?

[] No thank you
[x] Yes please
[] Sure 


[] No thank you
[x] Yes please
[] Sure

Your blog is:
[] Not my style
[] Good 
[x] Superior 

I want your number
[] Yes
[x] No