The Bletchley Circle - 2x04 - "So, let’s try this code of yours.

Gloomy Enchanter [Open]

Not far from Ponyville’s library was a house. For the most part it looked like any other house, but this one had a wooden sign hanging above the door like a shop. The word “Enchanting” is listed simply on it in what appears to be blue ink, though the sign itself was never touched by any paint. Below it was “Closed” in red letters.

The pony who lived there had been around for seemingly months, but was not known to too many residents. While usually such an oversight on a certain party pony’s part would be accidental, Trance had intentionally avoided anything that looked like a welcoming committee on his arrival.

As dawn crept nearer, an upper window opened briefly. Between one second and the next, the red Closed lettering suddenly became a blue Open sign.

While there was certainly a more powerful pony living in the large nearby tree, the enchanter here worked for bits. Which meant if he felt that whatever the enchantment did was something better done without magic, he stuffed those feelings away and took the job anyway. Work done behind these doors tended to stay there as well, it wasn’t like the stallion talked to anypony.

The front door opens with the sound of a bell, but none visible. The brown stallion behind the desk at the end of the hall looks up from his book with a blank stare. He has a lavender mane and a set of reading glasses perched on his nose, and speaks carefully.

"What can I do for you?"

Some more character headshots.  Before and after the 5 year time jump.

Tansy - Nightfaller/Deimoth.  Cousin to Elena.  Tansy was a servant to West until she was captured during an attack by the sunbirds.  She was taken to the city and sold to Quaholom and his family as a servant.  She lacks the nightmare abilities of full-blooded Nightfallers, so Quaholom and his children were able to torture her without consequence.

Khuno- Steller’s jay. Defected from Blackwing tribe with Incos and Mekk and wound up joining the Corvid tribe along with them. Husband of Lyrin, father of Sacha.  He used to be a spineless coward who obeyed Incos’ every whim but eventually stood up to him and became more independent afterwards.

Hal (real name Halen) - Nightfaller.  Adopted son of Xaman.  Younger brother of Tepeu and Cusi.  Hal is a popular little guy with a strong sense of honor.  He tries to befriend everyone from kids in the slums to Corvid warriors.

Merren - White-throated magpie jay.  His spirit animal was a large, graceful buck.  He was in love with Quinuama for years but she wouldn’t have him.  That made him sad.

For those of you who think Tansy and Hal look familiar, well, yeah, I hate to waste characters.

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♣ - a fading memory
(tw: amputation)

There is a man sitting where the alleys meet.

The man doesn’t have legs. That’s not unusual, really. There are many men without legs sitting in the streets, or women without legs, but all the women without legs are old. Some of the men are nearly children - but not this man, he’s not a child anymore, and he’s not all that young, but not old either.

And he always smiles when Quissa walks by.

He has nice eyes, that man. Large and brown and gentle. Quissa makes Merren and Lya play with her down the alley from where he sits, so she can see him once in a while. Sometimes she sees people give things to him. There is a nice lady, a Chantry lady, who gives blankets to some of the people in the street when the wind gets colder. Sometimes she comes with bread, and she walks through a few of their alleys and gives it to people who are sleeping in the dirt. They are close to the gate, so the man is often lucky.

One time the Chantry lady brings apples for the people without legs. When he sees Quissa watch, he breaks the apple apart - his fingers are awfully strong, full of old calluses - and gives half of the apple to her.

They are close to the gate. That’s why he got it.


An elf Quissa doesn’t know pulls her away. Quissa screams. Quissa wails. Quissa rages until the elf who pulled her away from the alley puts a hand over her mouth.

There is steel, and laughter, and blood. The man doesn’t have legs. The man doesn’t have arms. His eyes are brown. Large. Dead.

Quissa cries.

Quissa howls.

Quissa weeps for her father.


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hahahaha i dont know why, but this gave me a TON of rivamika feels. ahahahaha

YOOooo you have no idea!

X3 I’ve been thinking a lot about the Merren!AU with the guppies because of these baby birbs ahahaha.

Valentine, (the male) is always perched outside the next box, and Skye just pokes her head out occasionally, and he feeds her the baby food (aka vomit lol) that he’s been chewing, so that she doesn’t have to get out much. Sometimes he pops in and helps feed them. It’s so cute~

And when Skye is out to stretch her wings, and get more food herself, Val’s always next to her and preens her and everything. He’s such a caring Papa. 

They’ve just really fueling me with ideas x3 

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I plan to actually, and other interactions of this AU, mainly because it’s a good motivation to keep practicing on drawing merfolk/siren/merren <3 I’ve always been meaning to for the sake of my own novel/projects

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