“Gotta say, the Merrell Road Glove might be the shoe I’m looking forward to trying more than any other right now. I can vouch that Merrell is true to their word when they say they solicited feedback from the minimalist community when they were designing the shoe, and I’m really excited to see that the shoe will come in under 5oz and will have a flat outsole.” -

Training Yesterday

So yesterday started training for this cross country hike.

The goal was to walk 3 hours over the course of the day.  I ended up walking closer to 4 and damn, I need better shoes.  I happened to find a Scheels as I was walking and decided to take a look, see if they had anything I could use and afford.  When I told the guy what my plan was (walking across four states) he kind of scoffed at me.  “By yourself?” like it is so ludicrous and Idea what a woman can make a trip like that by herself.  Anyway, I digress, ends up the store I went into was geared more towards family fun.  I will have to go to the the one in the next town to find what I want.

I have always gotten Merrells in the past when hiking, my aunt suggested Wrigleys (sp?).  What do you folks think? I need something that will last me for a long time, and waterproof if possible.  Any experienced hikers out there have any suggestions?

There was hardly any sun yesterday and I got slightly sunburnt.  If that isn’t a herald of things to come, nothing is!

My feet hurt today so I am not sure if I will complete the 3 hours of walking today, might tone it back to two.  Wouldn’t do to injure myself before I have even begun!

Here is to another day of Adventure!


I'd Slow The Whole World Down

No time for the intricacies of explanation
No time for sharing, even less for showing - The Police

3/10/2015 - Time seems to have sped up on me. For one, we switched to Daylight Saving Time, a ridiculous concept, and I’m still catching up. But now my days are filled (or should be filled) with things I have to do-like today’s appointment with the GSA to start my government ID and background investigation process-and things I want to do, like spend time with friends and trees. Always a procrastinator, I put off as much as possible to the last minute and now it is here. About the only productive thing I’ve done is initiate some “lasts”, scheduling a lunch, dinner, or beverage with friends. I’m still missing a few and there are people I just won’t get to see. I wish I could “slow the whole world” to spend another day in some place that I love or another hour with a friend. Since that is not possible I will cherish the time I do have left.
One thing I had to do this past week which I didn’t enjoy was spend some money on new shoes. I have two pairs falling apart and my hiking shoes are just not working out-I replaced a pair of Skechers with another last year and they’re just not as good-feet and knees hurt after any kind of walking, unlike the old pair. Since I hope to remain dedicated to spending time outdoors, I spent hours researching and reading reviews online, then hours in several different stores checking stock, prices, and actual fit. I ended up with an investment-yes I call it that because I spent THAT much money-in two pairs of Merrell shoes, hiker and casual, out of which I hope to get years of service (yes, I spent THAT much).
One thing I was excited to spend some time on was Pichette family genealogy. My Father’s family were part of the “Great Migration”, “La Grande Hémorragie”, of Quebecois from around 1850-1930, when over 900,00 came to this country, over half to New England, to work in mills, like the wool and cotton mills of Providence. It always bugged me that I couldn’t name one ancestor on that side past my Pépé, who died when I was five. I had a 1940 census record that put him and the rest of Father’s immediate family together in the same house, but it didn’t tell me anything new. With the time I used to spend on job applications, I started researching again and found three great websites. First was a US archived records site, with census data on microfilm. The second was Family Search, a site sponsored by the LDS (Mormon) church, which directed me to the census district and page for family data-I never would have had the time to search those thousands of pages without it. Using those two resources, I searched back through US and Rhode Island references to 1910, where I found my Pépé Alfred, then called Fred, living with his Mother, Brothers, Sisters, and wife! From there it was a short hop to 1900, where I found my Great-Grandfather, whose name was Napoleon. Oddly enough, I was thrown off because Alfred/Fred was listed as Frederick-everything else checked out though. After that I found the Canadian census records, which are easier to search on their own-without the help of a third party. I had to make some assumptions, however. I knew the general area they immigrated from (in 1890, according to the census), but the districts and even some towns were called different names along the way. Fortunately there was always a link in the data, a parent or a sibling, and I referred back to the LDS for cross reference. So I found young Napoleon, his Father Louis, and in 1851 my Grandfather’s Great-Grandfather Louis, born in 1790(ish), who lived with his son. They were all farmers in the rural Mauricie region of Quebec, near Trois-Rivières and Louiseville, known earlier as Rivière-du-Loup (Wolf River) and Saint-Antoine-de-la-Rivière-du-Loup. I thought I had this thing licked until the online records dried up in 1831, when two adult Louis’ were mentioned and only the names of heads of households were recorded. Keep in mind who the French kings were around the time these guys were born-or when their Fathers were born. Like the kings, there were generations of Louis Pichettes back then. So, I have reached back further than I thought possible with the help of some great resources, but the nagging question of their origins in Canada or France remains. There were only a handful of churches in the district, and possible there are records still there waiting to be discovered, but not by me, or at least not any time soon. My French is nonexistent and my time is up for now-I have just enough of it left here for a few more hours with friends and a long list of tasks to complete before I head off to start the next chapter of my life. If there were any amateur genealogists in my Pichette family, we’ve lost touch or they didn’t pass on what they learned. I sent what I found to the next generation of Pichettes, so their children would not grow up not knowing where they came from. Maybe they or their descendants can find the next 225 years and some stories to go with it.

i also invested in a pair of Merrell Barefoot shoes.  they’re supposed to better connect my feet to the terrain, encourage a natural gait to improve posture, and strengthen feet and leg muscles.  so far, i haven’t felt a change in my gait, but man, now that they’re off for the night, my legs and feet are kinda sore.  i think that’s a good sign :-)

I saw these shoes in the donation bin at work yesterday and they were in my size, perfect for winter around Vermont. I was going to grab them at the end of the day, sure that they wouldn’t be anyone else’s style…then a new girl grabbed them. And I was bummed, but all I can do is hope that they find their way back to drop-in before I leave. Because even on sale they are $76.