Finger Ring with a cross c. 450-525
Frankish, Diameter of 2.1 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art Gallery 301 [x]

Rings were typically only worn by people of nobility or someone who needed a seal, such as the King or important clergy and government officials. This ring, decorated with a cross, is made with gold filgeree and cloisonne craftsmenship. The inlaid stones are mother of pearl and garnet. This is an example of Frankish craftsmenship, even at an early time.


Clovis I and Clothar I

Made in Burgundy, c. 1250, Gothic

From the Abbey of Moutiers-Sainte-Jean

The First Two Kings of France, Of the Merovignian Dynasty

Currently installed in Gallery 001 of the Cloisters in the Metropolitan Museum of Art [x][x]

Clovis I was of the Salian Franks and was the first Frankish King to unite all of the Franks. His dynasty, The Merovignian after his family’s name, would rule France for the next Two centuries.While unable to subdue the Burgundians, he did defeat and conquer much of Aquitaine, and elimintaed Visogothic influence in France and the death of Alaric II. He was proclaimed King of all the Franks in 509 after he conquered Cologne. 

He did mary Clotilde, princess of Burgundy and in 496 on Christmas day adopted her religion of Catholicism. He was baptised in Reims Cathedral, and this would be the crowning place of French Kings until the end of the Monarchy. Many Kings were interred there until the Abbey of Saint Denis would take it’s place.