24 Days Of Miranda

Day 1 : Favourite female character

How can this even be a question! Obviously Miranda how can it not be shes hilarious and so much fun or if you like such fun :)


Day 2  : Favourite male character

As much as i like Gary has to be DREAM BOAT CHARLIE!  I cannot contain my laugher when he is involved, him and Miranda are like the ultimate comedy couple :P


Day 3 : Favorite actor

This one has to be Tom Ellis, he gets the comedy side and the drama side perfect each time and his and Miranda’s relationship is so cute :)


Day 4 : Favorite actress

I’d say Miranda Hart simply because she is the best but i will have her for everything so i am going with someone different and saying Patricia Hodge, she is just hilarious her relationship with Miranda is unbelievably funny and i love her! I think the show would be totally different if she wasn’t part of it :P


Day 5 : Favourite episode

All of them obviously! But my most favourite has to be Three Little words, i died from laughter at this episode it was so energetic with joke after joke it never stopped been funny even with the more serious moments, Penny falling into the trash bin did it for me xD


Day 6 : Favorite scene

I missed yesterday so i will be doing 6 and 7 together :) I think my favourite scene as much as i love the whole ‘they froze to death gary’ is the Sue Perb scene, i couldnt contain myself and i literally just was rolling on the floor and pain from laughter! :P


Day 7 : Favorite series

I love them all but the latest series (3) i have to go with it was more or less non stop joke after joke followed by hours of laughter, the episodes were much more energetic and made it so much funnier :D


Day 8 : Favorite friendship

This has to be Stevie and Miranda! Those two are soooo good together and so funny i think Where’s miranda is my favourite game of theres easily xP


Day 9 : Favorite ship

Miranda and Gary obviously i dont even need to say anything more! :)


Day 10 : Favorite photoshoot (featuring anyone from the cast)

Miranda tatler photoshoot, i think this proved just how beautiful and amazing she really is she looked stunning in the photos but also funny in some :P


Day 11 : Favourite relationship between 2 cast members

Miranda and Sally i cant really explain why but i love them together as they are both so energetic, both funny and work really well together xP


Day 12 : Someone you’d like to see on the show

I missed the last two days i apologise, and easy Lee Mack. When Miranda was in Not Going Out her and Lee Mack were just brilliant and id love for him to be in Miranda as i think the episode would be hilarious! I mean look at them! :)


Day 13 : Character you most like

Miranda. Don’t even need to explain why the gif explains it all really ;)


Day 14 : Character you’d like to be best friends with

Again Miranda sorry not sorry she is amazing and if we were best friends it would be such fun! Plus iv met her i’m taking that as us being best friends ;)


Day 15 : Most GPOY quote

Day 16 : Funniest Moment

Day 17 : Favourite Miranda Moment

Day 18 : Favourite Gary Moment

Day 19 : Favourite Stevie Moment

Day 20 : Favourite Penny Moment

Day 21 : Favourite Tilly Moment

Day 22 : Favourite Kiss

Day 23 : Favourite guess star

Day 24 : Favourite ‘good word’ word